Your parish council wants to help residents get fast, reliable and focused information about local activities and news.

We now have five notice boards throughout the village providing the opportunity for local groups to keep you informed about what is going on in Melton. These are located at:

Burness Parish Rooms
Bredfield Road Bus Shelter
Melton Park
Melton Road near to Jenners Close
Woodbridge Primary School

With the spread of Broadband email communication is fast becoming a means of providing similar information to those who are not normally around in daylight hours to see what is on the notice boards.


The parish council website provides access to information about the village and council is now providing an email service to send you information about local events and activities.

If you would like to receive information by email then simply subscibe below and you will automatically be added to our email distribution list.


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If you would like to send information to our subscriber list please email your information to:


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Please note that all emails will be checked and only forwarded if they are providing community information

Subscribers are assured that they will receive only carefully selected local information, only the parish council will have access to the contact information which will not be provided to third parties.