Finance Employment & Risk Management Committee

Every year the council has to decide what it is going to do in the next financial year and what it is likely to cost. It then asks the district council for the money by way of what is called a precept. The district council raises the money as a part if the council tax for the following year. The council tax year runs from 1st April.

The Finance, Employment & Risk Management Committee is delegated the task of looking after the financial matters of the council including entering into contracts for work, banking, accounting, audit, authorising bills, preparing the budget, and reporting financial information to the full council on a regular basis. It is also responsible for the council's Risk Management Strategy and for ensuring that all the employees are provided with the appropriate contracts, job descriptions and terms and conditions of employment.

For the year from April 2018 to March 2019 the Council has asked for a precept of £73,366.30 [2017/18 £71,416.61].

Councillors on the Finance, Employment & Risk Management Committee are:

Cllrs Abbott, Brown, Gradwell, Taylor and West and Cllr Porter (ex officio)




7 February 2018

Supporting papers

FRM(18)05.01 Finance report for the period ending 31 January 2018

FRM(18)05.01a Community Account cashbook

FRM(18)05.01b Business Premium Account cashbook

FRM(18)05.01c Ipswich Building Society cashbook

FRM(18)05.01d Income and expenditure account by budget heading

FRM(18)05.01e Bank reconciliation Community Account

FRM(18)05.01f Bank reconciliation Business Premium Account

FRM(18)05.01g Bank reconciliation Ipswich BS Account

FRM(18)05.02a Budget spreadsheet

FRM(18)05.02b Budget Note

FRM(18)05.05 Data Protection legislation - update

FRM(18)08.01 Risk register

FRM(18)09 Draft Business Plan v2

FRM(18)12 Village Hall / accommodation project

Minutes of the previous meeting

13 December 2017


7 February 2018

Financial Information

Budget 2016/17

Budget 2017/18

Fete accounts 2017

Audited accounts for year ended 31 March 2016

Audited accounts for year ended 31 March 2017

Community Infrastructure Levy Annual Report 31 March 2017

Financial Regulations (revised 2017)

Standing Orders (revised 2016)

Terms of Reference for Committees (revised 2016)

Code of Conduct (readopted September 2017)
Disclosable Personal Interests
Dispensation Application Form
Code of Practice for Handling Complaints
Data Protection Policy
Emergency Plan
Member and Officer Protocol
Grievance and Discipline - Dispute Resolution
Grant application form
Freedom of Information Act - Publication Scheme
Guide to Information available from Melton PC
Public Participation Protocol

Statement of Intent as to Community Involvement