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On Thursday 7 December electors in the Parish of Melton were asked to vote in a referendum on the Melton Neighbourhood Plan. The question was: "Do you want Suffolk Coastal District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Melton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The result was as follows:

YES: 1172

NO: 77

On 25 January 2018 the Melton Neighbourhood Plan was "made" at a full meeting of Suffolk Coastal District Council and a copy of the final "made" version can be found here <click here>

As the planning authority, Suffolk Coastal District Council is obliged to take in to account every representation that is made by the parish, if it is made within 14 days, and if it refers to some aspect which is correctly a planning issue.

Planning - the development at Deben MillThe District Council applies its own published policies, and there are many of these.  It has to comply with the Local Plan, which will be replaced by the Local Development Framework, and also with the government's requirements and regulations.  Details of all the policies can be found at the District Council. 

The Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee is delegated to consider all planning application which affect Melton In each case it decides the appropriate response to the District Council taking into consideration the effect it would have on Melton Residents. Sometimes the impact on the village of a particular application will require consideration by the full council. It also makes sure that the views of Melton are heard in the discussions about new regional and local planning policies.

Full copies of the applications and notes of the comments or objections made by the planning committee group can be seen at the District Council offices or at the Parish Council Office during normal opening hours

One of the tasks undertaken by the Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee is to keep an eye on the roads and footpaths and to encourage and persuade the County to maintain them properly.

Parish councils have the power (but not the duty) to make new paths and to maintain or improve existing ones, and to plant trees or make roadside verges, to put up village signs, and to contribute to traffic calming measures.

In the case of Melton it has usually been enough to consult with the County Council on highway matters, although we sometimes have to wait a while as they sort out their priorities. As the volume of road traffic increases there are concerns about congestion and safety.  Noise and pollution are a problem but the safety record in the parish is good. The committee deals with all aspects of transport and provides an integrated bus and train timetable - see below.

Transport - Melton railway station



Councillors on the Planning and Transport Committee are:

Cllrs Bale, Barrington, Brown, Corston, Hilson, Holmes and Webb and Cllrs Porter and West (ex officio)

We welcome comments from users of our website about the usefulness of the information on it and how easy it is to find information about planning applications.



Suffolk Coastal District Council is now undertaking a Local Plan Review which begins with an Issues and Options document which was available for public consultation until Monday 30 October 2017. The consultation document and other supporting information can be found through this link:



Key documents from this application can be viewed as follows:

DC/16/4770/OUT design & access statement

DC/16/4770/OUT archeological report

DC/16/4770/OUT delivery plan extra care etc.

DC/16/4770/OUT landscape & visual impact assessment

DC/16/4770/OUT landscape plan

DC/16/4770/OUT location plan

DC/16/4770/OUT masterplan

DC/16/4770/OUT planning statement

DC/16/4770/OUT residential travel plan Sept 2015

DC/16/4770/OUT residential travel plan Oct 2016

DC/16/4770/OUT statement of community involvement

DC/16/4770/OUT transport assessment

The response of Melton Parish Council can be viewed here:

DC/16/4770/OUT MPC recommendation for refusal

The application was refused by Suffolk Coastal in April 2017. An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State and a Public Inquiry will be held at a date to be determined. Melton Parish Council has submitted comments to the Planning Inspectorate on 28 November 2017 and to see the letter

<click here>

For the Suffolk Coastal DC Statement of Case

<click here>



For detailed viewing of the Melton Hill application which includes numerous plans and documents please go to

and insert reference DC/17/2840/FUL

To see Melton Parish Council's response <click here>

This application was approved by Suffolk Coastal District Council Planning Committee on 13 October 2017.



The terms of the planning consent for the new office development at Riduna Park required traffic calming measures to be installed in Station Road funded by the developer under Section 106 Agreement prior to the occupation of any approved floorspace in excess of 4,000 square metres.

To see a report assessing the traffic calming options available prepared by a Development Management Engineer from Suffolk County Council <click here>

To see the note of a meeting with Station Road residents held on 27 July 2017 including conclusions and agreed action points <click here>


Agenda for the next meeting

21 February 2018

Planning Applications

Existing for reference

DC/17/1435/OUT land south and east of Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath - outline planning application for up to 2,000 dwellings, an employment area, primary and secondary local centres, a school, green infrastructure, play areas, sports ground, allotments / community orchard, public footpaths, cycleways, vehicle accesses and associated infrastructure. For detailed viewing of this large application please visit the specific Adastral Park web page:

DC/14/0991/OUT land off Woods lane, Melton - for detailed viewing of the Woods Lane applications which include numerous large plans and documents please go to

DC/17/1884/FUL site of former factory warehouse Melton Road - proposed residential and office development (54 dwellings and 12 offices)

For detailed viewing of this large application please go to

DC/17/2840/ FUL former Council Offices, Melton Hill - proposed demolition of all the existing offices and surrounding buildings on the site and replacement with a high quality housing development providing 100 residential units (33 affordable) (C3), together with a community building (D1), and a retail unit that may be a coffee shop (A1/2/3) or retail unit; a landscaped environment free from cars as they are to be located in an underground car park; means of access and other associated works.

For detailed viewing of this large application please go to:

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - application

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - location plan

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - neighbour comments 4

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - neighbour comments 1

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - neighbour comments 3

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - neighbour comments 5

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - neighbour comments 2

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - plans

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - proposed plans

DC/17/4567/FUL 6 Rixon Crescent - revised plans

DC/17/5293/FUL Boat Avail - application

DC/17/5293/FUL Boat Avail - location plan

DC/17/5293/FUL Boat Avail - plans

New applications

DC/18/0146/VLA Land north of Woods Lane - variation of s106 obligation

DC/18/0334/VLA Part land rear 23-37 Hall Farm Road - application

DC/18/0334/VLA Part land rear 23-37 Hall Farm Road - economic viability assessment

DC/18/0334/VLA Part land rear 23-37 Hall Farm Road - original s106 agreement

DC/18/0477/FUL Clouds End 5 St Audrys Park Road - application

DC/18/0477/FUL Clouds End 5 St Audrys Park Road - existing plan

DC/18/0477/FUL Clouds End 5 St Audrys Park Road - location plan

DC/18/0477/FUL Clouds End 5 St Audrys Park Road - proposed plan

DC/18/0680/FUL The Red House - application

DC/18/0680/FUL The Red House - design & access statement

DC/18/0680/FUL The Red House - plans

DC/18/0680/FUL The Red House - proposed elevations

DC/18/0680/FUL The Red House - site / location plan

Planning Notices



PLA(18)24.03 Suffolk Highways community self-help survey

PLA(18)24.04 Local Transport Officer's report

PLA(18)25.01 SCDC enforcement action update

Minutes of the previous meeting

24 January 2018


National Planning Policy Framework [NPPF] <click here>

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