Meetings of the Full Council

The Agenda and supporting papers for the next meeting will be found here shortly before the meeting date.


13 September 2017

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Finance Employment & Risk Management Committee 9 August 2017

Planning and Transport Committee 21 June 2017

Planning and Transport Committee 26 July 2017

Planning and Transport Committee 30 August 2017

Recreation Committee 5 July 2017

Recreation Committee 6 September 2017

Supporting Papers

MPC(17)81 Re-adoption of the Suffolk Code of Conduct

MPC(17)84.01 Financial report to 31 August 2017

MPC(17)84.01a Community Account cashbook

MPC(17)84.01b Business Premium Account cashbook

MPC(17)84.01c Income & expenditure account by budget heading

MPC(17)84.01d Bank reconciliation Community Account

MPC(17)84.01e Bank reconciliation Business Premium Account

MPC(17)84.04 The Street - Amenity land protection project

MPC(17)84.05 Bus shelter in The Street

MPC(17)85 Melton Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiner's Final Report

MPC(17)86 Melton Fete - future options

MPC(17)87 Report & recommendations from FERM Committee on a PAD for Melton

MPC(17)88 Street naming and numbering for the Woods Lane development

MPC(17)91 Risk register


13 September 2017

Minutes of Previous meeting

28 June 2017