Meetings of the Full Council

The Agenda and supporting papers for the next meeting will be found here shortly before the meeting date.


10 January 2018

Minutes of Committee Meetings

Finance Employment & Risk Management Committee 13 December 2017 (Draft)

Planning & Transport Committee 22 November 2017

Planning & Transport Committee 20 December 2017 (Draft)

Recreation Committee 15 November 2017 (Draft)

Supporting Papers

MPC(18)05 Co-option to the Council

MPC(18)07.01 Finance report as at 31 December 2017

MPC(18)07.01a Community Account cashbook

MPC(18)07.01b Business Premium Account cashbook

MPC(18)07.01c Ipswich Building Society cashbook

MPC(18)07.01d Detailed Income and Expenditure Account

MPC(18)07.01e Bank reconciliation Community Account

MPC(18)07.01f Bank reconciliation Business Premium Account

MPC(18)07.01g Bank reconciliation Ipswich Building Society

MPC(18)07.02 Budget papers

MPC(18)07.03 Precept options report

MPC(18)07.04 Data Protection legislation changes

MPC(18)07.05 Delegation to Planning & Transport Committee

MPC(18)07.06 Woodbridge RUFC request

MPC(18)11 Risk register

MPC(18)14.03 [PLA(17)198] Report from Local Transport Representative

Minutes of Previous meeting

8 November 2017


10 January 2018