Assistant Clerk Job Description

Assistant Clerk Job Description



  1. To assist the Clerk & Executive Officer with day-to-day responsibility for all the financial records of the Council and the careful administration of its finances, which are administered in accordance with both the decisions and instructions of the Council, the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and all relevant statutory requirements.
  2. To assist with the updating, maintenance and development of the Council’s website and management of other communications arrangements.
  3. To support the Clerk & Executive Officer in terms of providing an effective service to the community of Melton in terms of dealing with enquiries, liaising with Councillors, providing information and positively promoting the work of the Council.
  4. To support the work of the Council’s Committees, including agenda management, preparation of reports, advice to Councillors, and taking all actions arising in respect of decisions taken at the meetings.
  5. To undertake responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Council’s land and property assets.


  1. To maintain records of the Council’s income and expenditure on the Council’s financial software system.
  2. To reconcile and balance the Council’s bank accounts on a monthly basis.
  3. To issue invoices on behalf of the Council for goods and services provided, including in respect of commercial tenants and to ensure payment is received.
  4. To monitor expenditure against budget.
  5. To ensure VAT is fully recovered where possible on purchases for goods and services and that VAT is charged where appropriate for services provided.
  6. To submit VAT returns on a timely basis.
  7. To assist the Clerk & Executive Officer to prepare the annual budget and precept request for consideration by Councillors.
  8. To assist the Clerk & Executive Officer in the preparation of year-end accounts for presentation to and approval by Councillors, and of all the necessary documents for both the internal and external auditors.
  9. To maintain the Council’s asset register.
  10. To take responsibility for keeping the Council’s website updated and with the dissemination of information via both electronic and hard copy media to the Melton community.
  11. To assist with agenda management, preparation of reports, advice to Councillors, and implementing decisions and follow up actions in respect of the Council’s Committees.
  12. To deputise for the Clerk & Executive Officer as required.
  13. To attend training / briefings on the financial aspects of council administration.
  14. To undertake such other tasks as are required by the Council consistent with the postholder’s duties, knowledge and experience.


This job description is effective from 1 January 2022.