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Council Members

Bill Banks

Chair - FERM

My early life and career were spent in the north of England where I qualified as an accountant and worked for 15 years in local government and public transport. During that period, I served as an examiner for my accountancy institute. In 1981, I moved to Suffolk on being appointed Chief Accountant for Suffolk County Council (SCC), not expecting to be here for more than a couple of years. 26 years later I retired from SCC as Director of Resource Management.

From 2007 to 2017, I worked part-time for the local NHS, firstly as a Non-Executive Director for Suffolk Primary Care Trust and secondly, as Vice Chair for West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group.

My overall career has given me skills and experience in finance, governance, working in a political environment and board-level management, amongst other things.

I joined Melton Parish Council in 2018 and have served as Vice Chair to the Finance, Employment & Risk Management Committee. I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to the place in which I live.

I am interested in sport and, at different times, have played quite a few of them enthusiastically but to no high standard. I was born and raised near Old Trafford and am a lifelong Manchester United supporter. I enjoy gardening (but now need a smaller garden), cars (my big weakness: in my youth I built a 130mph sports car), photography, messing about with my PC and other IT, genealogy and travelling.