Dementia Bus – 20th May – 2 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton

If Dementia is having an impact, in any way in your life and you want to understand more about what it means to live with Dementia then please join us on May 20th and spend 15 minutes of your time in a different world.

The Dementia Bus recreates an immersive, sensory experience, based on research, which allows participants to step into the world of someone with dementia, gaining invaluable insight into their daily challenges and emotions.

We hope that this experience not only gives you an insight into those challenges but actually also presents an opportunity to learn how things can be adapted to make it easier. We hope that helps improve in some small way the lives of individuals living with dementia.

If you’d like to join us or know anybody else who would just email us :-

There are various times throughout the day and plenty of tea, coffee and cake.

Places are limited so please email us as soon as possible.