FRM(22)05.04 CIL Generated from Melton Developments

FERMFERM Agendas & Papers Uploaded on February 3, 2022




CIL received from developments in Melton Parish up to the 1st February is £3,099,692.08.  The breakdown for this is as follows:

Admin                                             154,984.61

Neighbourhood CIL                       624,843.92

District CIL                                   2,319,863.55

Although, spending within Melton has been £0 for the District CIL funding, £1,016,214.00 of this fund has been used to improve infrastructure that supports residents of Melton and those of the wider area, including:

Ufford Recreation Ground Car Park Resurface                                                                     £3,000.00

Woodbridge – Jetty Lane Community Centre Feasibility Study                                     £188,800.00

Woodbridge – Little St Johns Street Health Centre extension/improvements              £30,000.00

Foxhall household waste recycling centre expansion                                                         £794,414.00

For the April 2022 District CIL Bid Round we are expecting a bid to be submitted by Suffolk County Council Education for the expansion of the Melton primary school.

At this point in delivery of the Local plan growth and the infrastructure needed to support the growth in the area, the fact that East Suffolk Council has not spent District CIL directly within the parish is not unusual and there are other examples of parishes that are similar to Melton in this respect, for example, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Carlton Colville.

East Suffolk Cabinet approve the recommendations made to them by the CIL Spending working Group in relation to District CIL funded infrastructure projects.  This information and further guidance on this process is detailed in the CIL Spending Strategy.

Community-Infrastructure-Levy-Spending-Strategy.pdf (

CIL spending » East Suffolk Council

Link to latest cabinet report for the 2020/21 Infrastructure Funding Statement and approval of District CIL Bids:

Decision Details: Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020/21 and CIL Funding Bids (


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive officer to the Council

3rd February 2022