FRM(22)29.05 Fete Financial Report

FERMFERM Agendas & Papers Uploaded on July 14, 2022


Fete Financial Report

Background and summary

After doing the June accounts the final figures for the Fete are as follows:

Total receipts for Fete: £3,312.81

The BBQ took £564.36 and the raffle £624.01. Stallholders donated 10% of their takings which raised £611.23. We received £1,010.00 in sponsorship and donations.

Total payments for Fete: £1,342.47

Total remaining in the Fete EMR as at 30/06/2022: £2,594.31 (this includes the original £623.97). We have not received the refund of £66.65 for the returned A Board and we have not been billed £175 yet for the bins.

Therefore, there should be £2,485.96 in the EMR once those transactions are processed.

£600 will be shared equally between Melton Primary School, the Burness Parish Rooms and St Andrew’s Church.

This leaves £1,885.96 to be used as a seed fund for 2023 Fete and Pavilion kit out EMR.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on the report
  • Agree the seed fund for next year’s Fete and the remainder will be placed in a Pavilion kit out EMR.


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

July 2022