Melton Annual Award Winners

Annual Parish Meeting Uploaded on February 26, 2020

Melton Certificate of Achievement Winners

This award is made by the Chair of Melton Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting to recognise people who have made a special contribution to the community of Melton. In 2024 a plaque was created so a lasting tribute could be installed at the Pavilion for all to see.

Peter James receiving the Melton Award.

Peter James, winner of the 2024 Melton Award.

Year Winner Reason
2015 Pam Ferguson For service to Melton Parish Council and in particular getting the play equipment fitted in the recreation ground
2016 Mark Girling For obtaining a ‘good’ Ofsted report and being an outstanding and supportive member of the Melton Community.
2017 Michael Bond For all the work Michael has done as a Suffolk County Councillor on behalf of the people of Melton.
2018 Mary Addington For all the work Mary has done in Melton in numerous organisations.
2019 Colin Birkbeck For all the work done for Melton by managing the Burness Parish Rooms to a very high standard.
2020 John Hargreaves For all the work done for Melton by helping out at the Burness Parish Rooms, the church, the fete and gardening at the village sign.
2021 Maggie Porter For All the work done for Melton WI as treasurer & helping to keep the organisation running & amused during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
2021 Marie-Therese Ind For all the work in Melton for the seniors’ lunch clubs, churches good neighbour scheme, Mothers Union, Flower Guild and the little pantry.
2021 Emma Needs For all the work done for the Melton Good Neighbour scheme.  Emma was secretary, committee member & volunteer coordinator which supported many people during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2022 David & Carol Steptoe All the work done for Melton Parish Council including the woodland works, the car park design, weaving the Hazel fence panels and helping with the Melton leaflet.
2023 Martin Wilks All the work you do for Melton by being our Tree Warden and running the Tree Crew.
2023 Carol & John Duce All the work you both do for running Melton Old Church and keeping it going as a venue for everybody in Melton.
2024 Peter James For all the volunteering you do in Melton including the Melton Wombles, Melton Good Neighbour Scheme, Melton Messenger, delivering food parcels. You make Melton a better place.