MPC(21)116.05 Risk Register

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on November 10, 2021

Melton Parish Council Risk Register                                    MPC(21)116.05


Area of risk Risk Identified Date Updated Risk Level


Management of Risk Comment
Anti-social behaviour (ASB) ASB at the Playing Fields/Pavilion/Car Park 09/11/21 M CCTV is operational covering the car park and pavilion areas of the playing field.  Due to an increase in ASB Full Council at the AGM on 5 May agreed that the risk rating would be increased to HIGH. Advice has been provided by the police in relation to designing out crime as far as possible in respect of the design of the replacement pavilion, and the recommendations passed on to the architect. The contract to demolish the existing pavilion should start on 22 November. Full Council resolved at their meeting on 22 September that the risk level could be reduced to MEDIUM.

Risk Owner – Recreation

Continue to monitor



Financial Financial risks facing the Council through the uncertainties of Covid-19 & Brexit  


M Members of the Council are conscious that the economic uncertainties created firstly by Brexit and now by Covid-19, may well have a serious impact on the Council’s financial position, and this risk will be closely monitored. Strategies for mitigation will be developed as required.

Risk Owner – Full Council

Continue to monitor. Currently it appears that the Council’s financial position will largely be unaffected


Covid-19 Meetings 09/06/21 M Face to face meetings for public authorities resumed from 17 May 2021. A report on mitigations to the Council’s meeting room required to resume face to face meetings after 17 May was submitted to FERM Committee on 14 April. A report to Full Council on options after 17 May was agreed by Full Council at the AGM on 5 May. With effect from 19 July all restrictions are removed and the onus will be on individuals to behave responsibly. Guidance for those attending meetings is provided in the hope that given the rising number of cases everyone will wish to behave with caution to promote optimum safety for all.  

Risk Owner – Full Council


Continue to monitor and follow Regulations/Guidance
Staffing Project / work overload / Staffing issues 09/11/21







Concern that having too many projects open at the same time may lead to failure. Need to monitor workload and be realistic about what it is possible to achieve.

Risk initially mitigated by recruitment of additional staff member in April 2019. Revised job descriptions agreed and new roles assigned in November 2019. Revised working hours in place from 1 April 2020. Further revised job descriptions implemented from 1 October 2021. A new Clerk and Executive Officer has been appointed from 1 January 2022. Recruitment of Assistant Clerk underway. Concerns that risks are greater in period of change / handover.

Risk Owner – FERM / Full Council

Covid-19 Play areas

Tennis courts

Football pitches



After the 1st lockdown ended in July 2020, a detailed report was submitted to Full Council on 15 July 2020 and following consideration of that report, the play area was reopened, subject to the actions and mitigations set out in the report being put in place. Under the lockdown announced on 4 January 2021, play areas could remain open but tennis courts were closed and the football pitches were not used. Tennis courts reopened from 30 March following refurbishment. Risk Owner – Recreation Continue to monitor and follow Regulations/Guidance




Pavilion Pavilion project 09/11/21 L Planning consent for the new pavilion was granted on 25 May and further instructions issued to the architect in terms of demolition of the existing structure, maintenance of services, designing out crime as far as possible in the new building and wc provision. Prices for the demolition contract were obtained and a decision on letting the contract was made at Full Council on 22 September. The appointed contractor will start work on 22 November.

Risk Owner – Full Council

Maintenance Officer Managing risks associated with the employment of the Council’s Maintenance Officer 15/09/21 L Training modules in Health and Safety and Working at Height delivered for Village Handyperson. 1-1 training undertaken on safe use of a petrol strimmer / brushcutter on 28 January 2019.  Keep in view for additional training requirements.

Accreditation for qualification on carrying out Play Area checks was renewed on 11 August 2021.

Risk Owner – Recreation

Governance and Accountability Clerk to have specific qualifications for MPC to be eligible to adopt the power of general competence 09/11/21 L FERM Committee to keep in view. The Assistant Clerk has now achieved the CiLCA qualification but it has to be held by the Clerk under the legislation for the Council to be eligible and also 2/3rds of Councillors need to have been elected rather than co-opted.

Risk Owner – FERM





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