MPC(21)116.10 Hall Farm Road Sports Ground

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on November 15, 2021



At the Recreation meeting on 10th November 2021, the findings from the recent consultation about the Hall Farm Road Sports Ground were discussed ((REC(21)90.01a). The following enhancements were agreed:

  • Remove existing football goal and replace with 1 x 9aside goal facing the other way to the existing goal (cost c. £1k)
  • 1 x basketball hoop with a quiet surface (cost c £3-6k)
  • 1 x recycled plastic bench to be placed near the fruit trees (cost c.£350)
  • Move the bin nearer the bench (free)
  • Add bird/bat boxes (£200-300)
  • Create a wilder area around the wetland area to encourage wildlife and biodiversity (potentially free or very low cost)
  • Add more trees by the fruit trees (potentially free)
  • Seek a quote for coppicing the trees in the wetland area (cost tbc)

It is hoped that costs will be covered through grants, CIL and the PlayPot.


Councillors are asked to approve Recreation proceeding with these proposals with the actions delegated to the Assistant Clerk/Clerk designate.


Pip Alder

Assistant Clerk to the Council

November 2021