MPC(21)117 Report relating to anti-social behaviour

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on November 16, 2021



After a very long and protracted process, I finally managed to join the ASB group on 21st October 2021.

The group is made up of representatives from the local Town and Parish Councils, hosted by the East Suffolk Community Officer and attended by other representatives from East Suffolk such as the Licensing Officer for Taxis.

I had already been approached by a resident who had reported to the Police that a man had been performing lewd acts on the banks of the river Deben next to the Wilford Bridge.  This is a busy area frequented by walkers, paddle boarders and canoeists.   There are often children passing by.   The resident has reported this offence to the Police and I asked that given the number of people that frequent that area, they report back to the group in January if there was any traction on the case.

The police indicated that there has been an increase in the number of shed break-ins around the area.  They are offering one off, local events, to help residents secure their sheds and their property. I think this is something we should follow up, perhaps jointly with Woodbridge.  An event like this, perhaps in the library, could be a useful public service.

A number of Parishes are investing in SIDS.  I offered to share our experiences with them on the problems and benefits.  Pip is preparing a short report on the statistics of the cameras and once this is ready, I will share the information with the group.

Apparently, there has been quite a lot of ASB in Elmhurst Park.  The Police are struggling to contain it because the nature of the ASB is very random and they obviously can’t have a permanent presence.  Patrols are visiting the park from time to time as resourcing allows.

Finally, the licensing officer for Taxis said that if you need a taxi in the area, pre-book.  Taxis are in short supply and applications for new licences is very slow.

A short briefing has been prepared for the MM.


Carol Gradwell

16th November 2021