MPC(22)12 Statement of Intent to Protect Environment

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on January 13, 2022


Statement of Intent to Protect the Environment


Melton Parish Council fully recognises the seriousness of the climate change emergency and will seek to minimise the environmental impacts of its own activities and work with our partners, stakeholders and residents to improve the wider local environment.

In particular the Council will:

  • Use all effective means to raise awareness of climate change issues and encourage individual action to reduce environmental impact.
  • Seek to install solar PV on all its buildings to support the generation of renewable energy and reduce dependence on the national grid.
  • Source remaining energy requirements from renewable sources where possible.
  • Seek to install and provide electric vehicle charging points in its new parking area off The Street, Melton.
  • Continue to carry out a tree planting programme on land that it owns, and on other land by arrangement, and will continue to manage its existing extensive tree stock positively, in accordance with a policy which gives optimum protection to its woodland and individual trees whilst not compromising public safety.
  • Improve the management of its open spaces including, where appropriate, rewilding in selected areas without compromising residential amenity.
  • Pursue improvements to walking and cycling around the parish and improving safe connectivity for walkers and cyclists with adjoining communities.
  • Encourage members to cycle, walk, use public transport and car share where possible.
  • Limit the office consumables, printing only where necessary and seek environmentally friendly products where possible.
  • Place environmental considerations at the heart of all its decision-making and require its Committees to also specifically consider the impact on the environment in all their decision-making.


Signed:                                                                      Chair, Melton Parish Council

If this Statement of Intent is approved at the Full Council meeting on 19 January 2022, then the Terms of Reference of all the Committees will need to be expanded to include the following Statement:

“The Committee shall consider the environmental impacts of all the decisions which it makes in accordance with these terms of reference.”