MPC(22)52 Pavilion Update

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on May 5, 2022



Updates on the Pavilion can be found on the website, ( including pictures and latest architect drawings. The build is on track and currently running to budget and is due to be completed early September.

Some cost savings have been made – removing partition doors, two shutters and windows and there have been some additional costs – creating internal store, building up floor levels, adding sun tubes and creation of a retaining wall. The original contract price was £268,485 and with the known savings and additional costs it is now running at £269,485. It should be noted that using aggregate to form the temporary road rather than matting will also result in a saving. The final figure has not been confirmed. The first invoice has been received and the work has been verified by the architect.

The Pavilion Working Group meets regularly, in line with sign off dates provided by Mixbrow. The next meetings are scheduled for the 19th and 30th May.

Main things to note since the original design was signed off:

  • Removed internal partition doors
  • Created an internal store
  • Agreed electrical layout – lighting for the flexible meeting space is tbc but will have dimmable lighting
  • Changed layout and door opening in kitchen to maximise space available
  • Removed 2 toilet windows and shutters and added sun tubes

The corner of the playground is very close to the corner of the Pavilion overhang, therefore the fencing will be squared off and the slide will need to be moved with new wetpour. It might also be an opportunity to replace the roundabout with some accessible equipment. This is being taken to Recreation and an application would be made to the PlayPot to fund the costs.

To get fixed broadband, the Pavilion needs a postcode and to do that it needs to be registered with the local authority. Therefore, the name of the building needs to be decided now. If we call it something else once registered, we will be charged again to change it. Suggestions include:

  • The Melton Pavilion
  • The New Pavilion
  • The Jubilee Pavilion
  • The Melton Jubilee Pavilion
  • The Melton Hub
  • The Neighbourhood Pavilion
  • Melton Community Pavilion
  • The Grosvenor Pavilion

It has also been suggested that there should be an opening ceremony in September/October, perhaps inviting a local celebrity to open the building.


  • That members of Full Council NOTE AND COMMENT on this report
  • Agree the name for the building
  • Agree if an opening ceremony should be planned and identify local celebrities who could be approached.


Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council

May 2022