MPC(22)66.05 Draft CIL Report

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on June 9, 2022


Town or Parish Council: Melton Parish Council

1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022


A Total CIL income carried over from previous years £490,741.54
B Total CIL income received (receipts) £106,599.57
C Total CIL spent (expenditure) £89,652.46


  Total CIL requested to be repaid in the year £0
  Total value of CIL receipts subject to a Repayment Notice served in any year that has not been repaid


D Total CIL repaid in the year following a Repayment Notice £0
E Total CIL retained at year end (A+B-C-D) £507,688.65


CIL Expenditure

Items to which CIL has been applied: Amount spent £
Purchase of flagpole


Purchase of second SID and solar panel £3,205
Resurfacing and enlarging of Playing Field car park and installation of barrier fencing £46,423.53
Grit bins (x2) £336.96
Purchase of dog poo bin at Longwood Fields £195
Purchase of additional CCTV camera £245
Tree Safety Works £480
Emergency Tree Works £880
Road Safety improvements – Melton Road/Hill £4,244.86
Purchase of bike racks at Playing Field car park £113.70
Pavilion Project


Purchase of 2 noticeboards (St Andrews and Melton Hill) £1,894
Melton Recreation Ground sign (50% payment) £1,485
Signage for divested land (x12) £462.72
Conservation area signs (x2) £40
Fencing for divested land £305.79
Cigarette bin £63.61
Winifred Fison Parking Improvements £1,735
Divested land improvements £98.21
Tree and channel clearance works at Hall Farm Road £1,560
Tree Works at Bury Hill £1,280
Emergency Tree Works £280
Divested Land Drainage Channel Clearance £945
Speed Indicator Device Posts (x 2) £380
Bury Hill Bus Shelter Improvements

*payment accrued in FY 2021/22

Total spent








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