MPC(22)82.04 Recreation Committee Investment Request and Decisions

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Recreation Committee Investment Request and Decisions

Following the postponement of the Recreation Committee meeting, which was scheduled for the 14th September, due to the period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II there are urgent investment requests.

 Beresford Drive Play Park

 The annual Play Park inspection was carried out in August and the play area has increased from a low risk to moderate due to the swings. The inspection report advised the flat seat swings should be taken out of use immediately due to concerns over the stability of the supporting posts due to enlarged splits across anchor points. The swings have been removed from use.

Cursory quotes to replace the swing set are as follows:


  Timber & Steel Swing All Steel Swing Notes
Company 1 £3,450.00 £3,770.00  
Company 2 £3, 879.24 £4,381.32 Please note the quotation is subject to a site survey to ensure the existing surface and space is sufficient for the new swings frame
Company 3 Awaiting Quotes    


 The play area overall is very tired looking and requires investment. The Toddler Multiplay and Junior Multiplay equipment have rotten and split timbers which were highlighted at the last Recreation Committee meeting. However, the high temperatures experienced over the summer months have potentially accelerated the poor condition of the timber.

 Members are asked to decide if the play park climbing equipment needs to have a complete redesign and new installation. High level estimates are around £25-30k per item.

In terms of funding grants could be sought, as well as the potential to lobby Cllr Smith-Lyte for district funding due to MPC taking on the park in a poor state. The PlayPot stands at just over £5k and there is £18,998 in the CIL sinking fund which was to be used to mitigate issues arising from the divested land.


Melton Recreation Ground Play Park

Following the Play Park inspection, the play area has also been classified as moderate risk – it was previously low risk. The overall risk score is governed by the highest risk score detailed in the report in any one finding. As the Junior Multi play equipment was classified as moderate risk in this year’s inspection, due to the condition of the climbing nets, this created the moderate risk score for the entire play area.

A quote for the replacement of the nets is £5,503.68. This is for the nets only and not installation. Phil will assess if the task of replacing the nets is something he could do, if not a price will be sought for the installation.

I have made an enquiry with another play park equipment company with regards to supplying the nets. They have advised they would not be able to supply one of the nets due to the moulded plastic orbs. The other semi-circular net they potentially could manufacture but would need it sent to them first along with precise measurements before they could provide a quote.


Tree Safety Survey – Tree Works

Several trees have been identified to be felled or have work carried out on them because of the Tree Safety Survey. We will initially approach our regular tree surgeon for a quote and if necessary, seek two other comparative quotes if the work costs more than £5k. If the work does cost more than £5k (which is the allocated budget this year) Full Council is asked to delegate responsibility for choosing the preferred supplier to the office with approval from the emergency decision makers.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide on an upper limit of funding for the Recreation Committee to spend on playground equipment
  • Agree to delegate selection of tree surgeon to the office with emergency decision maker approval if required


Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk

September 2022