MPC(22)96.06 Yarmouth Road Roundels

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Yarmouth Road Speed Repeater Roundels

Residents of Upper Melton Terrace attended the Planning & Transport meeting on the 7th September to express their concerns about speeding traffic on Yarmouth Road. I have been in contact with Highways and the police safety camera team to share their concerns.

A speed survey was carried out by the police in October and the results below show that it meets the criteria to become an enforcement site.

Report Sheet Combined Channel 1 Channel 2
Average Speed 34.8 32.9 36.4
85th Percentile 41 38 42
Total Number Of Vehicles 31294 14181 17110
Speed Limit 30 30 30
Number Over Speed Limit 24281 9274 15004
Percentage Over Speed Limit 77.6 65.4 87.7
NPCC 35 35 35
Number At Or Over NPCC 15131 4858 10271
Percentage At Or Over NPCC 48.4 34.3 60.0

SCC Highways have proposed that 5 x 30mph roundels could be painted on Yarmouth Road to remind users of the existing speed restriction (see appendix A). The estimated cost is around £1,100 which covers the health and safety documentation, traffic management, the installation costs including drying of the road and VAT.  Residents of Upper Melton Terrace have been notified of this proposal and support has been received from three households already.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on the report
  • Agree if they wish to proceed with instructing Highways to paint 5 speed repeater roundels on Yarmouth Road to be funded from CIL.

Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

November 2022

Appendix A