MPC(23)100 Fete

Agendas & Papers Uploaded on September 7, 2023


Fete Report

Fete 2023

The 2023 fete held on the 8th July went very well and the fete working group has received lots of positive feedback. Unfortunately, footfall was lower due to a clash with other local events but it was a still a very enjoyable event.

The finances have been reconciled in Scribe and receipts totalled £2,799.83 and costs were £1,599.14. The opening balance was £849.34 so the current balance stands at £2,050.03. There is still a payment of £100 to be made for the wheelie bins. The raffle took over £300 and the Bar and BBQ takings were just over £1k.

It is proposed that £950 is retained as an EMR to fund next year’s fete. £450 will be shared between the Burness, St Andrew’s Church and Melton Primary School – each receiving £150. The remaining £550 will be put in an EMR for the pump/bike track.

Fete 2024

The working group has also taken on board suggestions for changes that can be made for 2024. It is proposed that it is scaled back to reduce costs and there are fewer commercial stalls. The church will run the tea tent and Melton Parish Council will run the Bar and BBQ. It is hoped that a dog show can be run as part of the fete. The group is also looking into the feasibility of allowing parking on the field and have asked the footpath advocate and Cllr John Bann if they are willing to assist with the operations. Volunteers will be required on the day for car parking and the working group would appreciate Councillors signing up to help with the fete both on the day and with the preparations to alleviate the workload on Cllrs Gradwell and Darby. The first meeting of the working group will take place in October.

The Clerk has checked with Ufford and Woodbridge Town Council and they do not currently have any events planned for June. Therefore, it is proposed that the date of the fete in 2024 is Saturday 22nd June. The timings may also be adjusted slightly eg 12-3 or 12-4.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if they agree with the proposed distribution of the profits and EMR for the 2024 fete
  • Agree the date for the 2024 fete
  • Volunteer to help with the 2024 fete

Cllr Gradwell

Chair Melton Parish Council

September 2023