MPC(23)21 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on March 20, 2023



23.21.01              Play Parks

The proposed date for the Beresford Drive playpark consultation is Saturday 3rd June from 2-4pm with leafleting taking place from 13th May for roads surrounding the park. Consultation information will also be shared on the usual comms.

Cllrs Harvey-Smith, Gradwell, Taylor and James offered to attend the consultation afternoon with additional offers of help with leafleting from Claire McBurney and Cllr Martin.

The focus for this coming financial year is the consultation for a pump track and the potential upgrading of the play park equipment at both Beresford Drive and the Recreation Ground.

23.21.02              Woodland and Trees (including TPOs)

The tree works, as identified by the latest Tree Safety Survey, have been completed and have come in at £6,600. This is slightly higher than the original quote due to further works being required to the Oak at the Recreation Ground and three failed willow trees.

The dead hedging in Burkes Wood is progressing well and looks wonderful. Additional saplings have been planted in the Leeks Hill section of the woods.

The area of MPC land on Hall Farm Close, has seen the residents undertaken clearance work, install bird boxes and they are hoping to include hedgehog boxes. A line of hedging has been placed along the boundary, with the assistance of the Tree Warden.

There are no new TPOs to be discussed at present.

23.21.03              Pavilion

The Recreation Working Group (RWG) recommends the hire terms for the pop up café remain unchanged for next block of 6 weeks with the condition that there may be an increase in charges going forward. Hire charges are due to be reviewed in April.

Concerns were expressed over simultaneous hires and felt those who had hired the Pavilion were entitled to have the entire space whether they utilised all of it or not.

Members also felt more needed to be done to clarify when the pop-up café is operating. This feedback has been forwarded to the café operator. The hirer of the pop-up café will be invited to the next RWG meeting as they would appreciate hearing feedback from the hirer.

There was concern about hirers being disturbed by members of the public looking for the toilet and/or café. The office will remind hirers to lock the front door so they are not disturbed and further signage is being investigated including one for the public toilet.

In relation to a booking wanting to have a bouncy castle outside, the RWG decided unanimously that this should not be permitted. MPC has a clear stance regarding not allowing inflatables at the Fete and felt the problems involved for the hirer policing the use and fears over safety concerns were too great.

It was recommended that bikes racks should be installed on the approach to the Pavilion, either near the green shed (but not obstructing it), or in the area between the end of the tennis courts and the path closer to the Pavilion. It must be ensured that the location is covered by the CCTV cameras. A site has been identified between the green shed and the play park which is in full view of the CCTV. They will be ordered and installed before the summer.

The defibrillator has been ordered (paid through a grant and bequest) and will be installed on the Pavilion in due course.

The final snagging is being carried out, which has included repainting the hall and the replacement of the cooker hood and hob. The landscaping is being discussed with the contractor as they have not carried out the works as expected. The Pavilion open afternoon is taking place on Saturday 25th March.

23.21.04              Recreation Hire Charge Review   

The RWG proposed that the hire charges should stay unchanged for the Tennis Court hire (£6 per hour) and Football hire (£120 a month). Any increases for the football hire would be considered for the next contract renewal in 2024.

The issue of moss covering the tennis courts was raised. The maintenance officer is aware and has been hard broom sweeping whilst the weather has not been conducive to carrying out chemical treatment. The treatment will take place as soon as possible and again in the autumn. Alternatively the Council could look at having the surface commercially jet washed although this may damage the surface.


Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Confirm that they agree with the continuation of the pop up café on the same terms for the next 6 weeks


Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

March 2023