MPC(23)54 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on May 4, 2023



 23.54.01               Pavilion Update

Hire Charges

The Recreation Working Group (RWG) recommends the hire charges for the Pavilion are increased by 10%, in line with inflation. The increase should take effect from 1st June 2023 for all new hires.

The 10% reduction for charity, community groups and residents non-commercial should remain along with the 2-hour minimum hire.

The RWG discussed the hire conditions for the pop-up takeaway café and felt the Hirer could continue on the terms previously agreed but include a 10% increase to charges (current rate £20 for 4 hours – kitchen use only).

The Pavilion charges would change to (current charges in red):

Weekday daytime sessions:

£16.50 (2 hours)               £15.00

£22 (3 hours)                     £20.00

£27.50 (4 hours)               £25.00

Evening and weekend sessions:

£19.80 (2 hours)               £18.00

£27.50 (3 hours)               £25.00

£33 (4 hours)                     £30.00

General Update

The wall in the Pavilion toilet has been made good where the baby changing unit used to be located. Mirrors have been installed in the internal toilets, final external drainage installed and planting around the gabions has begun. The landscaping is yet to be finished but this is the only outstanding snagging item that remains. The Pavilion is booked out regularly and there are only a few remaining sessions available.

23.54.02               Tree Recommendation

The RWG recommends a response by letter is sent explaining that due to the impingement onto the resident’s fence Melton Parish Council agree with the removal of the two sycamore trees identified at the resident’s boundary with the Saxon Way footpath. This would be on the condition the resident pays half towards the removal of the sycamores and the MPC Tree Surgeon is used to carry out the works.

It should be clearly reiterated that a precedent is not being set and any further enquiries from residents regarding tree works would be treated on a case-by-case basis in line with the Council’s Tree Policy.

23.54.03               Beresford Drive Consultation

Flyers for the Beresford Drive Play Area consultation have been finalised and printed ready for distribution on Saturday 13th May.

Cllrs Gradwell, Taylor and James offered to attend the consultation afternoon taking place on Saturday 3rd June from 2pm – 4pm with additional offers of help with leafleting from Claire McBurney and Cllr Martin.

23.54.04              Melton Recreation Ground

A bench near the car park at the Recreation Ground collapsed over the weekend. It is assumed this is a result of vandalism as no reports were received about the collapse by anyone using it. Phil will repurpose some of the timber on one of the other benches and potentially at the Beresford Drive playpark.

One of the other benches is looking a bit worse for wear. Members are asked to consider replacing both with recycled plastic benches, and if they are to be sited in the same location or moved elsewhere. There is no CCTV covering this area at the moment.

The defibrillator has arrived (paid through a grant and bequest) and will be installed on the Pavilion on the 14th June. If an earlier date comes up in the electrician’s work schedule, they will let us know.

The survey for Crassula Helmsii at the pond in the woods was completed on the 28th of April. The survey found a significant reduction of Crassula Helmsii has been achieved following the installation of the “Ecomatt”. The recovery of native plant species, in areas where the Ecomatt was installed, has been very good with a variety of plants recorded. Another survey could be carried out during 2024 or 2025, to record the overall coverage of Crassula Helmsii, and assess the risk of spread.

23.54.05 Jubilee Green

The sign has been installed.

Jubilee Green Sign

Some minor ASB to the fencing around the recently planted saplings in the corner was reported to the office.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree the proposed increase to the Pavilion hire charges
  • Agree the proposed response for the tree recommendation
  • Agree if replacement benches should be purchased and if so how many and where they should be located
  • Decide if quotes should be sought to increase the CCTV coverage to cover the bench area

Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

May 2023