MPC(23)M04 Minutes from the Annual Commissioning Meeting on 10th May 2023

Full CouncilMinutes Uploaded on May 16, 2023


Minutes of the Annual Commissioning Meeting of Melton Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th May 2023, commencing at 7pm, at the Melton Parish Council offices, 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, IP12 1QT.


Cllr Gradwell (Chair)

Cllr Bann

Cllr Banks

Cllr Brown

Cllr Corston

Cllr Crawford

Cllr Darby

Cllr Holmes

Cllr Martin

Cllr Packard

Cllr Taylor


Cllr James

Cllr Stearn

In Attendance:

P Alder Clerk and Executive Officer to Melton Parish Council

F Waters Assistant Clerk to Melton Parish Council

2 members of the public

Agenda – Part 1/1 – Open to the Public

Item No         Item to be discussed

23.45              Election of the Chair of the Council

It was unanimously RESOLVED that Cllr Gradwell be elected Chair of the Council.

Proposed by: Cllr Martin    Seconded by: Cllr Corston

Cllr Gradwell completed the Chair’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

23.46              Election of Deputy Chair(s) of the Council

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Taylor and Cllr Crawford be elected Deputy Chairs of the Council.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell                        Seconded by: Cllr Darby

23.47              To receive apologies for absence

Apologies were received from County Councillor Alexander Nicoll and Parish Councillors Stearn and James.

23.48              Declarations of Interest

23.48.01           To receive Declarations of Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda

There were none

23.48.02           To consider any applications for dispensations

There were none. Members were reminded that they are responsible for ensuring their Register of Interests is up to date and must be completed within 28 days of taking office. Councillors agreed to confirm by email to the office once they had completed this action and returned their election expenses form.

23.49              Public Participation Session          

23.49.01           To receive a Report from the District Councillor

No report was received and the District Councillor, Rachel Smith-Lyte, was not present.

23.49.02           To receive a report from the County Councillor

Cllr Nicoll sent his apologies but sent a report. Following his suggestion to the multiple parish group dealing with local transport and highway issues, to seek a meeting with the new East Suffolk Council Chief Executive, Chris Bally, a meeting was now being arranged for June.

23.49.03           To consider village matters raised by Members of the Public or Councillors

A member of the public was in attendance to discuss the removal of sycamores covered in item 23.54. He confirmed he was willing to pay 50% of the costs of removal.

Cllr Darby raised concerns from residents that the dog poo bins have not been emptied regularly. It had been reported to Norse and the Clerk confirmed that they report the issue to Norse on a regular basis. Cllr Darby also met a resident who was willing to make a donation to fund the purchase of bulbs for planting in Burkes Wood. This will be discussed by the Recreation Working Group as they also need to revisit the management plan and consider if any controls of the muntjacs are required.

Cllr Bann asked if the Parish Council was responsible for all the bus shelters in the parish. He was concerned that the roof of the bus shelter on Bredfield Road required some attention. The office will arrange for the maintenance officer to inspect it.

23.50              To consider co-option to the Council in respect of the vacancy

Alison Bourne introduced herself as a prospective new Councillor, having moved to Melton recently from Cambridgeshire where she was a Parish Councillor. It was RESOLVED to cop-opt her to the Council and Cllr Martin was confirmed as her Councillor Buddy.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell                        Seconded by: Cllr Brown

Two new Councillors, Cllr Bann and Cllr Corston, introduced themselves. Cllr Corston has rejoined having previously been a Councillor and a member of Planning and Transport. Cllr Bann has recently moved to Melton having spent 43 years in local government as a transport planner. Cllr Darby was confirmed as the Buddy for Cllr Bann.

23.51              To consider adoption of the General Power of Competence

Paper MPC(23)51 previously distributed was received and discussed. It was unanimously RESOLVED to adopt the General Power of Competence.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell                        Seconded by: Cllr Martin

23.52              To approve the Minutes of Full Council

23.52.01           Minutes of Full Council from 19th April 2023 – MPC(23)M03

It was RESOLVED that minutes MPC(23)M03 previously distributed, be received, noted and signed as a correct record by the Chair.

Proposed by: Cllr Martin                Seconded by: Cllr Darby

23.53              Planning & Transport – Chair of P&T to lead assisted by the Clerk

23.53.01           Planning Applications – to review new applications received

DC/23/1216/FUL The Garden House – Councillors agreed that they would recommend approval but ask if there was any way that the number of trees being removed could be reduced.
DC/23/1506/FUL 21 Saxon Way – Councillors agreed they would recommend approval.

DC/23/0544/FUL Land at Quay Lane – Councillors agreed that permission should only be granted for non-residential/temporary structures only and there should be no creation of any permanent dwellings on this land.

DC/23/1410/FUL Smithfield – Councillors agreed they would recommend approval.
23.53.02           Planning Applications – update on any existing Planning Applications
DC/22/4775/FUL – Land South Of Primary School And East Of The Street Eyke – a meeting is being held between ESC, Eyke Primary School, SCC and Eyke Parish Council to discuss parking requirements. Revised drawings are expected to be submitted for reconsideration, but no timescale has been given.

DC/20/1831/OUT – Land Off St Andrews Place and Waterhead Lane – no update has been received.

23.53.03           Public Consultations

There were none to be considered.

23.53.04           Planning Notices – review Planning Notices received

Cornerstone Base Station Installation Upgrade, Wilford Bridge Road – at the April Full Council meeting questions were raised about this planning notice. WHP Telecoms confirmed that the existing OLO cabinet will remain, the new post cannot use the same footprint as the existing mast as the existing mast needs to stay operational to ensure continuous coverage. The existing mast will be removed once the new mast is installed. The new mast will facilitate 5G and the trees will be pollarded and not removed.

23.53.05           Planning Appeals – review position on existing Planning Appeals

There were none.

23.53.06           Planning Enforcement

ENF/23/0027/COND – Deben Meadows (DC/23/0120/DRC) – an update has been requested from the Principal Planner

ENF/21/0086/DEV – Bye Engineering – A site visit is due to be completed imminently and the need for further enforcement action reviewed as no planning application for the retention of the building has been received by ESC.

23.53.07           Local Highways Matters – Paper MPC(23)53.07

The contents of the paper were received and noted.

Yarmouth Road Pedestrian Signs – It was AGREED that the office would contact the resident who raised concerns about pedestrian safety on Yarmouth Road asking them if they, or the Parish Council, can cut back the vegetation near the footpath. The office will also contact Ufford Park asking if they could contribute towards the cost of the two pedestrian crossing road signs.

Dock Lane planter – by means of a vote (2 abstentions, 1 objection and 9 in support) it was RESOLVED to apply for a licence and purchase a planter to help deter vehicles from driving over the kerb at the junction with Melton Road. The Clerk will contact Cllr Nicoll for assistance with funding and contact Transition Woodbridge about planting a fruit tree. This may not resolve the issue and Cllr Bann suggested that an overrun strip could be installed but this would need agreement and funding from Highways.

Proposed by: Cllr Brown               Seconded by: Cllr Martin

23.53.08           East Suffolk Planning Alliance

There was no update

23.54              Recreation – Chair of Recreation to lead assisted by the Assistant Clerk

Paper MPC(23)54

23.54.01           Pavilion – to approve increase in hire charges – it was RESOLVED to increase the hire charges in line with inflation as contained in the paper.

Proposed by: Cllr Darby    Seconded by: Cllr Crawford

23.54.02           Tree Recommendation – it was RESOLVED to agree for the removal of two sycamores subject to the resident paying 50% of the costs and using a tree surgeon chosen by the Council. This is not setting a precedent and any requests for tree removal will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A letter will be sent to the resident and the tree surgeon engaged once payment is received. The Recreation Committee will also review the Tree Policy, using the West Suffolk Council Policy as a template.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks   Seconded by: Cllr Martin

23.54.03           Beresford Drive Consultation – this is taking place on the 3rd June and flyers are being distributed from the end of this week.

23.54.04           Recreation Ground – the request for using the field for car parking for a local wedding was discussed. A hire agreement would need to be in place and an admin charge levied to cover the office costs. It was decided that if football was taking place that weekend then the field couldn’t be used for parking. It was suggested that businesses on Dock Lane might allow parking. It was RESOLVED to purchase two plastic picnic benches (trying for any discounts) and keep them in the same location near the car park. No further CCTV will be installed at this point.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks   Seconded by: Cllr Brown

23.54.05           Jubilee Green Update

The new sign has been installed and some minor damage to the fencing has been fixed by the maintenance officer.

23.55              To consider Financial and Internal Control Matters – Clerk to report and advice to Council from Chair of FERM

23.55.01           To approve the financial management report for the year ending 31 March 2023

Papers MPC(23)55.01 and MPC(23)55.01a-b were received and noted and the final yearend figures were agreed.

23.55.02           To approve the draft CIL report for 2022-23

Paper MPC(23)55.02 previously distributed was discussed. This CIL report needs to be submitted to ESC before the 31st December 2023. The Clerk pointed out that the retained CIL figure in this document is different to the CIL figure reported in the Reserves Balance. This is because £16k was marked as an accrual at year end to pay for the island crossings but the report to ESC can only show payments made in the year 2022-23. The previous accounting system also rounded so box A will be restated as £507,688 rather than £507,688.65. It was RESOLVED to approve the figures and the report was signed by the Chair and Clerk and it will be submitted to ESC.

23.55.03           To approve the Asset Register as at 31st March 2023

Paper MPC(23)55.03 previously distributed was received and noted.

23.55.04           To receive and consider the financial management and budget reports for the period 1 to 30 April 2023

Papers MPC(23)55.04 and MPC(23)55.04a-g previously distributed were received and noted. The bank statements were checked and signed by the chair as accurate against the financial statements.

23.55.05           To review the arrangements for insurance cover

The Clerk reported that the insurance was renewed at the start of October on a three-year fixed agreement. It was noted that the responsibility for the arrangement of insurance cover is delegated to FERM.

23.55.06           To confirm the Council’s Standing Orders

Paper MPC(23)55.06 previously distributed was received and discussed. The proposed updates are to reflect the move from Committees to Working Groups and the use of the words Chair and Deputy Chairs instead of Chairman and Vice Chairs. It was RESOLVED to accept these changes.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks   Seconded by: Cllr Brown

23.55.07           To confirm the Council’s Financial Regs

Paper MPC(23)55.07 previously distributed was received and discussed. The proposed updates are to reflect the move from Committees to Working Groups and the use of the words Chair and Deputy Chairs instead of Chairman and Vice Chairs. It was RESOLVED to accept these changes.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks   Seconded by: Cllr Brown

23.55.08           To review signatories to Melton Parish Council Bank and Building Society Accounts

The Clerk reported that Cllr Porter would be removed from the Lloyds Bank Accounts and the Suffolk Building Society Accounts. Cllr Corston agreed to be added to the Suffolk Building Society so the signatories would now be Cllrs Gradwell, Martin, Taylor and Corston. Cllrs Taylor and Crawford agreed to be added to the Lloyds accounts so the signatories will be Cllrs Gradwell, Banks, Taylor, Crawford, the Clerk and Assistant Clerk. The accounts held with Barclays have now been closed.

Proposed by: Cllr Martin    Seconded by: Cllr Darby

23.55.09           To review the Council’s subscriptions to other bodies

It was AGREED to continue with the current subscriptions to Community Action Suffolk, Suffolk Preservation Society and Suffolk Association of Local Councils.

23.55.10           To consider risk issues –

No changes were made to the Risk Register

23.55.11           To consider Data Protection Risk Register –

No changes were made to the Data Protection Risk Register.

23.56              To consider Governance Matters – Clerk to report

23.56.01           To consider and affirm the Council’s adherence to the National Code of Conduct

It was unanimously RESOLVED to reaffirm adherence to the National Code of Conduct and all Councillors agreed to abide by the code.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks   Seconded by: Cllr Martin

23.56.02           To approve the Annual Governance Statement and Arrangements for approval of accounts/Statutory Annual Return 2023

Paper MPC(23)56.02 previously distributed was received. The Chair took Councillors through the Statements which were all answered in the affirmative.  It was RESOLVED to approve the Annual Governance Statement contained within the Annual Return and to authorise the Chair to sign it accordingly. The internal audit is taking place on the 24th May and the report and AGAR will be presented to Full Council in June.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr Banks

23.56.03           To review the Terms of Reference for Working Groups

Paper MPC(23)56.03 previously distributed was received. The Terms of Reference have been updated to reflect the change from Committees to Working Groups and the meeting frequency. Each Working Group will review their terms at their next working group meeting but in the meantime it was RESOLVED to accept the changes.

Proposed by: Cllr Banks               Seconded by: Cllr Darby

23.56.04           To receive nominations to Panels and Working Groups

Paper MPC(23)56.04 previously distributed was discussed. Cllr Bann agreed to join the Planning and Transport Working Group and Cllr Bourne agreed to join the FERM Working Group. Cllr Crawford agreed to sit on the Disciplinary Panel and Cllrs Corston and Bourne would join the Appeals Panel.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr Holmes

23.56.05           To review and appoint representatives on or to work with External Bodies

Council representatives were reviewed and the following were agreed

Burness Parish Rooms Management Committee – Cllr Gradwell

Deben Community Partnership – Cllr Packard

Deben Estuary Partnership – Cllr Packard

Melton Trust – Cllr Martin and Janet Perry

Melton Primary School Governing Body – Clerk

Melton Messenger Editorial Committee – Cllr Brown

Suffolk Association of Local Councils – Cllr Gradwell

Woodbridge and Melton Society – Cllr Bann

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr Martin

23.56.06           To agree to receive the summons to meetings electronically

The Clerk advised that Councillors are required to confirm on an annual basis that they are happy to receive the summons to meetings, and related documents, electronically.  It was RESOLVED by all Councillors that they are willing to continue to receive papers in this way.

23.56.07           To note and review the Council’s Schedule of Policies

Paper MPC(23)56.07 previously distributed was received and noted. It will be updated to reflect the policy changes as agreed during this meeting.

23.57              To consider arrangements for meetings for 2023/24

Paper MPC(23)57 previously distributed was received and the dates for the meetings were agreed. The Budget Working Group meeting in November will be changed to read ‘FERM Working Group with expanded membership’ and that it is a closed meeting.

23.58              Parish Council Noticeboards

There are no changes to the Councillors/residents who have volunteered to post notices on the Parish notice boards at:

Melton Playing Field (resident)

Burness Parish Rooms (Co-optee – Mrs McBurney)

Bus shelter Bredfield Road (resident)

Woodbridge Primary School, Wilkinson Way (Cllr James)

St Audry’s Park Road (Cllr Brown)

Woods Lane (resident)

Old Maltings Approach (resident)

St Andrews Estate (Cllr Darby)

Councillors expressed their thanks to the volunteers for maintaining these noticeboards.

23.59              Sizewell C        

Funding is still under discussion with rumours of funding from the UAE. A night train trial was supposed to have taken place at the end of April.

23.60              To receive and consider reports from Representatives to Outside Bodies

23.60.01           Burness Parish Room Management Committee – nothing to report

23.60.02           Melton Trust – nothing to report

23.60.03           Melton Primary School  – the Clerk reported that they will be involved with the fete

23.60.04           Melton Messenger – Cllr Brown asked Cllr Gradwell for a photo for her column

23.60.05           Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) – nothing to report

23.60.06           Suffolk Disability Forum – nothing to report for Melton

23.60.07           Melton, Woodbridge and Deben Community Partnership – nothing to report

23.61              To consider Items for the Melton Messenger

Cllr Gradwell will now be writing the Melton Messenger Parish Council column. She asked if Councillors would like to do pen portraits to introduce themselves over the coming months. A group photo of the Councillors has also been requested so the Clerk will try to arrange for this to happen before a Council meeting. The Asst Clerk will create a front cover poster for the fete.

23.62              Chair’s urgent business

There was no urgent business.

23.63              Date of next meeting

The next meeting of Full Council will take place on Wednesday 14th June 2023, commencing at 7pm at 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton IP12 1QT. Cllrs Martin and Banks gave their apologies in advance. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:26.