MPC(24)103.07 Local Highways Matters

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on July 11, 2024


Local Highways Matters

Speed Indicator Devices
The SID was moved to Melton Road at the end of June. The issue with one of the original SID battery is being investigated.

Melton Road Crossings and Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines)
The yellow lines at Fayrefield Road have still not been extended to the correct length. The final invoice for this project has still not been received.

Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction
The construction quote has been received and the cost is £16,211.90 (excluding VAT). This includes the streetlight works and traffic management.

Because it is proposed for the new 30mph speed limit to start at the A1152/B1083 roundabout, which is street lit, any new terminal signs must also be illuminated. Repeater signs (small 30mph plates) are required between the new terminal signs and the existing village entry sign as no streetlights are present along the route, in accordance with current legislation.

There is £23,755 held in the road safety/crossing EMR. There is enough money to cover the cost of this speed reduction and the remaining £7,543 will be used to pay for the TRO and lining on Melton Road/Hill. Any remaining could be used for a 3rd crossing at Melton Road near the garage.

Melton Road 3rd Crossing
Estimates are around £20-25k for a new crossing. Cllr Nicoll has promised £5k towards the cost of a third crossing. There is £43,547.83 of unallocated money in the CIL Reserves EMR. £20k could be allocated into the road safety EMR to cover the cost of a third crossing, with any unspent returned to the CIL Reserves at the end of the project.

Pavement Group
No update

Bus Stop/Shelter Improvements
No update

Joint Parish Traffic Initiative
Cllr Brown attended the meeting with Chris Bally on the 27th June.

Representatives of the Joint Parish Transport Initiative (JPTI) met Chris Bally CEO ESC; Ben Woolnough Head of Planning ESC; and Luke Barber Suffolk County Highways Department to consider the results of traffic monitoring at Bentwaters and other key locations.

Luke Barber’s presentation made a number of observations: –

  • Over 50% of traffic at Bentwaters roundabout is passing through rather than going to or from Bentwaters;
  • There are many local traffic movements between Bentwaters and Rendlesham, probably to and from work journeys;
  • Most departures from Bentwaters travel south towards the A12;
  • Main routes to/from Bentwaters are A1152 and B1078;
  • Traffic volumes (including HGVs) on most of the monitored roads including the A1152 are only slightly higher than they were in 2016;
  • The B1083 shows a significant increase in traffic volume (2016 to2023) possibly due to increased activity at Sutton Hoo and/or Rock Barracks;
  • More work is needed to understand this and the knock-on effects on Wilford Bridge Road;
  • On Woods Lane traffic volumes are slightly lower than 2016 and average speeds have reduced from 37 to 29mph (in line with speed limit reduction);
  • Wednesdays are the worst days for congestion on Woods Lane, Mondays and Fridays are quieter (impacts of more working from home?);
  • There are significant flows of traffic from the Bentwaters area towards King’s Lynn (exports of agricultural produce?).

Chris Bally noted the Planning Permission for Bentwaters had imposed traffic limits and requirements for monitoring but that these were only specified for 4 years and have now expired. Generally, in the period of monitoring Bentwaters traffic has been within the set limits with some exceptions during busy agricultural periods of the year. Since the original permission was given, there has been some minor expansion without significant increase in traffic. In practice the limits are no longer enforceable.

If Bentwaters’ management wanted to make further significant expansion there would need to be a new planning application backed up by a traffic Impact study.

Whilst compulsory monitoring was no longer required Chris Bally believed that Bentwaters management would be agreeable to working with JPTI and ESC on voluntary monitoring going forward and suggested a small working group be established to put this in place.

Chris Bally explained that in Planning terms traffic congestion could only be used to constrain economic development if the expected impacts were “severe”. Whilst severe was difficult to define, past planning practice suggested reference points would be to urban areas where long periods of slow-moving traffic are more common.

Chris Bally explained his wish to build a case to set aside around £1million of District CIL to use on minor improvements to the A1152 and the B1069. The main objective would be to make the pedestrian and cycle access alongside these roads safer. Examples could include: better access to Sutton Hoo for cyclists and walkers; improvements at the Melton Crossroads; better pedestrian access between Rendlesham and Bentwaters; speed limit reductions in certain areas like Wilford Bridge Road etc. He invited the JPTI to put forward other suggestions.

He explained considerable funding has already been set aside for some major improvements to the A12 between the Seven Hills Roundabout and Woods Lane Roundabout. Informal consultation on these changes is to commence shortly. {These measures include traffic lights on some of the roundabouts, additional dualling of the A12 near Seckford Hall/Golf Course and the possible widening /remodelling of the BT roundabout}.

Councillor Tim Beech from Snape noted from his role on the Sizewell Transport Forum commitments had been made that the Sizewell C Project would pay for traffic monitoring to establish a base line for traffic flows against which the impact of Sizewell traffic could be monitored. He urged that co-operation between ESC and Sizewell management should be put in place to do this most efficiently.

The next meeting will be scheduled for October 2024.

Road Closure/Gas Works in Ufford
There has been no further update on when these works will be carried out and the extent of the road closures.


  • Members are asked to:
  • Note and comment on this report.
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with the speed reduction on Wilford Bridge Road.
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with a third Melton Road crossing and transfer £20k of CIL reserves into the road safety/crossing EMR.

Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council, July 2024