MPC(24)91 Reports from Outside Bodies

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Reports from Outside Bodies

 Burness Parish Room Management Committee

The Burness Management Committee met on the 5th June at 2pm. The annual accounts were presented having been checked and verified by a third party.  The Burness is in a sound financial position.  Recent changes to the bank account structure means they are now receiving a better interest rate than previously.  Bookings remain sound.

Members on the management committee were discussed. The Burness desperately needs more representation to allow for absences of members and to sustain effective management committee oversight.  If anyone is interested in joining, it requires you to attend up to 3 meetings a year and be prepared to ask questions about the running and operation of the hall.  Cllr Gradwell

Melton Trust – Nothing to report – Cllr Martin

Melton Primary School – Open Morning taking place on Tuesday 11th June. Latest newsletter:  – Clerk

Melton Messenger – Nothing to report – Cllr Brown

Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) – Nothing to report – Cllr Gradwell

Suffolk Disability Forum – Nothing to report – Cllr Darby

Melton, Woodbridge and Deben Peninsula Community Partnership

The last meeting clashed with an MPC meeting so was unable to attend. There was a survey done previous to the meeting of 20 clerks within the Partnership. Melton responded requesting keeping rights of way more usable, also to promote more use of buses with better information for all types of resident. Melton was one of 5 respondents. Not seen the minutes from the meeting as yet.

Woodbridge and Melton Society – verbal report to be given by Cllr Bann at the meeting.

Deben Estuary Partnership

Next meeting Thursday 13th June. A questionnaire about the Deben Estuary Plan has been circulated to Councillors and they are asked if they wish to respond – Cllr Packard

Climate Advocate/Adaptive Action Group – Nothing to report