MPC(23)35.07 Local Highways Matters

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Local Highways Matters

Bredfield Road
The options proposed in the SCC Highways were not financially viable. However one of the Transport Planning Managers proposed an alternative solution which would not incur substantial utilities costs. The design in appendix A has been received with an estimated cost of £60-80k for design and delivery. Questions have been raised about the safety for those crossing so close to Woods Lane, how cars would not block the crossing and if there would be a no right turn for cars exiting Bredfield Road.

Speed Indicator Devices
The original SID was returned to the supplier as it was faulty. They have confirmed that there is an issue with the face not the control unit and it would need to be returned to the manufacturer in Germany. The office is seeking costs first and will ask the council to decide if they wish to proceed or right off the SID if the repairs are too costly.

The portable SID on Melton Road continues to be effective. Councillors are asked if they wish to move the SID to another location.

Melton Road Crossings and Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines)
The legal department has supplied an updated notice and map tiles. There were a couple of minor comments but SCC legal would like to advertise this in the next couple of weeks which will be a 21 day advert/consultation. Hopefully the lines can be installed late May/June. As part of this lining ‘Keep Clear’ markings will be placed at the Hall Farm Road junctions on Woods Lane. There is no update on further vegetation removal at the Melton Hill crossing.

Bentwaters/Peninsula Traffic
Melton Parish Council agreed to be a signatory on the letter being sent to Chris Bally at ESC from the JPTI group. No further updates have been received.

Yarmouth Road
The request for signs warning road users about pedestrians crossing between Ufford Park and footpath 27 has been sent to Highways and we are awaiting a quote.

Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction

Now that Highways have agreed to a speed reduction a fee estimate has been received for the design work for the changes required to signage. The cost is £4,178.78 and Cllr Nicoll has offered £1k from his Highways Locality Budget. It is hoped that Cllr Reid and possibly Bromeswell PC might also contribute to the costs. The estimated costs for installing new signage would be minimal as the extension is quite modest but as the 30/60 terminal signs are on an ‘A’ road and would fall within the system of street lighting at the roundabout they would need to be illuminated – unless they were located more than 50m away from the roundabout street lighting. They estimate about £3.5k for the signs and Traffic Management and possibly £3-5k for the power supply to the signs.

Saddlemaker’s Lane, Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Lane – speed reduction and management

With the recent roadworks on the A12 there has been increased rat running and vehicles travelling at excessive speeds on Saddlemaker’s Lane, Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Lane. The forthcoming closure of Yarmouth Road for 6 weeks from early May is also likely to cause major disruption. Talks are being held between Anglian Water, SCC, Cllr Nicoll and the Clerk to determine what safety measures and controls can be put in place for these three lanes whilst the roadworks are in place.

Now that St Audry’s Lane and Lodge Farm Lane are Quiet Lanes it could be advisable to ask Highways to re-evaluate the speed limit (currently 60mph) as they have done with Wilford Bridge Road. Saddlemakers Lane could also be considered for a speed limit reduction, together with restrictions to make it one way in part to stop it being used as a rat run. The office has received requests from residents to consider this change.

Love Woodbridge & Melton

The bid was submitted at the end of March and the final document can be found at In addition some elements in Woodbridge have already received funding although further work is required to consult with residents and understand how they can be implemented in isolation and without the ‘softer’ elements that formed the larger project.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if they wish to move the SID from Melton Road
  • Decide if they wish to progress with the design works for the speed limit reduction on Wilford Bridge Road
  • Decide if they wish to ask Highways to re-evaluate the speed limit for St Audry’s Lane, Lodge Farm Lane and Saddlemaker’s Lane.


Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council

April 2023

Appendix A – Bredfield Road

Bredfield Road Junction - Appendix A