MPC(24)107 Melton Fete

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on July 11, 2024


Melton Fete 2024

Many have commented that the combined efforts of MPC and residents made this a superb event and they thoroughly enjoyed the day, despite the intermittent rain showers.  It was heartwarming to see so many people head for cover as the rain got heavier rather than head for home.  As a result, the fete had a bumper year.   My thanks to all the volunteers, charities and businesses who made this possible.

Overall, the fete raised an incredible £3,061 of which £525 was cash donations.

MPC raised £1,750 after costs from the BBQ, Bar and raffle tickets.  The BBQ cleared £767, the bar £375 and the raffle £608 after all costs had been deducted.  £175 (10%) was contributed to the fete stall contributions.  The fete stalls raised £961 including the 10% from MPC.  Many stalls had a bumper year and donated extra as a result.

Costs were £1,808, which included the purchase of two gazebos funded by a grant (£910) from District Councillor Rachel Smith Lyte. Our thanks to Rachel for this contribution.

Other fete costs included the Saints Band, the Punch and Judy show, coconuts, bins, other peripheral items and for the first time the sound man, Ian King.  All were well received and considered good value for money.

The Fete EMR before any donations this year stood at £950 kept back from last year’s fete.  A contingency of £550 was added because, at the time, donations were down on last year.  However, as a result of Cllr Darby’s hard work, donations went up and we received £525 cash in bank plus received new banners paid for by the funeral home. Therefore £550 can be moved from the Fete EMR back into the General Reserve.

The figures set out below are using the original EMR of £950.03:

Donations including the grant for the gazebos came to                £ 1,435

Stall donations including 10% from MPC                                     £    961

Sub total                                                                                  £ 2,396

Less costs including the gazebos                                                £ 1,808

£    588

 MPC raised a further £1,575 after all associated costs had been deducted.


After discussion with the Fete Committee members, the recommendations are as follows:

  • To add £12 from the £1,575 profit made by MPC to the fete profit of £588 to bring the donations pot up to £600 to be split between the beneficiaries;
  • For the first time, to include the Melton Good Neighbour Scheme (MGNS) in the split of the money;
  • If agreed to include the MGNS, donate £150 to St Andrew’s Church, Melton Primary School, the Burness Parish Rooms and to the MGNS;
  • Return the contingency of £550 from the 2024 Fete EMR to the General Reserve;
  • £1,500 to be set added to the money set aside for the pump track and used for the refurbishment of the recreation ground.
  • Any remaining funds will stay in the Fete EMR (expected to be around £1,010 after all transactions are processed) to be used for the 2025 Fete.

Cllr Gradwell

July 2024