PLA(21)94.05 Speed Indicator Device Update

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Speed Indicator Device (SID) Update

The mobile SID purchased in 2020 has been placed in four locations so far: Woods Lane, Melton Road, Yarmouth Road and Wilford Bridge Road. Battery performance has been an issue and after discussions with the supplier it was agreed that they would replace the SID and batteries. The SID was returned in August and a replacement should be received this week.

The SID post on Woods Lane is not considered to be suitable for a solar panel and is going to be replaced by Highways with a post with a larger diameter and deeper foundations. This is due to happen in early September. The SID purchased for this site has not required any intervention since installation. Hopefully the solar panel will continue to provide enough power in the winter months.

An application for two additional SID posts on Bredfield Road was submitted in August. After some discussions regarding the number of SID posts allowed in the Parish (normally restricted to 6) the location of two posts, that could be used with a solar panel, have been proposed. A works package is being created by Highways and the cost of the posts will be £380. Site 1 is marginal as it is pointing towards a bend and the maximum forward visibility of the SID is approximately 75m to 80m which is on the minimum acceptable distance. Installation could take anything between 4 and 14 months from approval of the works package.

Councillors are asked to note and comment on this report.

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk

6th September 2021