PLA(23)M01 Minutes of Planning & Transport Committee 25th January 2023

Planning & TransportPlanning & Transport Minutes Uploaded on February 2, 2023


Minutes of the meeting of Melton Parish Council Planning and Transport Committee held on Wednesday 25th January 2023, commencing at 19:00, at the Melton Parish Council offices, 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, IP12 1QT.


Cllr Brown (in the Chair)

Cllr Darby

Cllr Gradwell

Cllr Holmes

Cllr Hilson

Cllr Porter

Cllr Stearn


Mr A Corston

In Attendance:

P Alder Clerk to Melton Parish Council

6 members of the public

Cllr James

Part One – Open to the Public

Item No         Item to be discussed

23.01  To receive apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mr A Corston.

23.02  Declarations of Interest

23.02.01 To receive Declarations of Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda

There were none

23.02.02 To consider any applications for dispensations

There were none

23.03             Public Participation Session

It was RESOLVED to take the following item out of order on the agenda

23.14.03            Speed management and Road Safety issues – update

Bredfield Road – Paper PLA(23)14.03 previously distributed was discussed. Five options were proposed in the report although none of them are financially feasible due to the costs associated with moving services. The Love Woodbridge and Melton team had also proposed a 6th option to narrow the junction and improve the crossing point that is already there without the expense of moving services. There were concerns that this would not resolve speeding issues further down Bredfield Road and larger vehicles and buses would not be able to turn in and out of Bredfield Road easily. Residents asked if the junction could be controlled with traffic lights. It was agreed that the Clerk would check if the 6th option was feasible and if the junction could be controlled with traffic lights.

Wilford Bridge Speed Report – a report had been received from Highways regarding the speed reduction on the Wilford Bridge Road. It suggested a 40mph limit would be more appropriate than 30mph. However both Cllrs Reid and Nicoll support a reduction to 30mph and so do MPC, citing the recent change to the hierarchy of users in the Highway Code that more weight should be given to pedestrians and cyclists. The Clerk will draft a response for approval by Cllr Gradwell.

Speeding – The Clerk reported that the police camera team have identified a new enforcement site on Melton Road adjacent to Jenner’s Close as they could not find a suitable spot on Melton Hill due to parked cars. The SID on Melton Road appears to be effective in slowing cars down.

Yarmouth Road – the five 30mph roundels have been marked on Yarmouth Road.

It was RESOLVED to revert to the original order of the agenda.

Village Matters

The Chair reported that a blue plaque will be installed at Wilford Lodge commemorating Archibald Garrod in 2024.

23.03.01            To receive a report from the Council’s Cycling Advocate

The Cycling Advocate was not present and no report was received.

23.03.02            To receive a report from the Council’s Footpaths Advocate

The Footpaths Advocate was not present and no report was received.

23.04              To approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the last meeting held on 7th December 2022 (PLA(22)M08) previously distributed) were to be received, noted and signed as a correct record by the Chair.

Proposed by Cllr Darby            Seconded by Cllr Hilson

23.05              To review Planning & Transport Committee Terms of Reference and consider use of Working Groups

Cllr Brown reported that the Council is looking for ways to work more efficiently and effectively and there is a proposal to change the Committees to Working Groups and have a monthly Full Council meeting. The agenda would include a section for each Working Group. It might result in longer meetings but there would be significantly fewer meetings. The Chairs and Vice Chairs are meeting on Monday 30th January to discuss further.

23.06              To review new Planning Applications received

23.06.01          DC/23/0105/FUL Unit 15, Deben Mill Business Unit

The committee unanimously agreed to recommend approval.

23.06.02          DC/22/4775/FUL Land South of Primary School and East of The Street Eyke

The committee unanimously agreed to Object on the grounds of increased traffic and pressure on the A1152.

23.06.03          DC/23/0076/LBC Coach and Horses

The committee unanimously agreed to recommend that there should be a condition restricting the use of amplified sound equipment in this outside area.

23.07  To review updates on other Planning Applications

Nothing to report

23.08  Public Consultations

The Coastal Adaptation Supplementary Planning Document consultation went live today. Cllr Brown will review and report back to the Committee.

23.09  To review Planning Notices received

No new Notices have been received.

23.10  To review the position on existing Planning Appeals

23.10.01            DC/20/1831/OUT Land off St Andrews Place and Waterhead Lane, Melton

Residential development of up to 55 dwellings, with access off St Andrews Place. Melton PC has consistently recommended refusal of this application on the grounds that access via the St Andrew’s estate is neither supported by the Neighbourhood Plan nor considered acceptable in planning terms. On 30 March 2021 East Suffolk Council Planning Committee (South) considered the application and delegated authority to determine to the Head of Planning and Coastal Management on the basis of approval being granted subject to no objections being received from Natural England and / or Suffolk County Council as Lead Local Flood Authority, a s106 Agreement detailing highways improvement works, affordable housing provision, a contribution to the Suffolk Coast RAMS and controlling conditions 1 to 25 as set out in the decision; otherwise to refuse. Since the decision was made following legal representations from an objector East Suffolk Council has agreed to remit the application back to the Planning Committee (South) for re-consideration. The Planning Committee (South) reconsidered the application at their meeting on the 22nd February 2022. Committee members carried out a site visit through St Andrews prior to the meeting. Although recommended for approval by the Planners the Committee voted for the application to be refused on matters relating to Highway Safety.

Information from Fire Service has been distributed to members. A new, but invalid, application for five – DC/23/1739/OUT has been received by ESC but was returned.

An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate: AP/23/0044/REFUSE and comments were submitted by the 26th October

No further updates have been received.

23.11  Melton Hill – Former Council Offices

The demolition of the former council offices continues.

23.12  Sizewell C update          

On 16th February 2023, MPC submitted a final representation to the Secretary of State emphasising our opposition to EDF’s night train proposals and also summarising our positions on the wider Sizewell C planning application, particularly the latter’s all-important freight transport strategy.

The Secretary of State originally had until the 25 May 2023 to make a decision on the SZC application but on the 8 May it was announced that the decision would be delayed until the 8 July 2023. This is to ensure there is sufficient time to fully consider further information provided by the applicant and interested parties in response to the Secretary of State’s post-examination consultation.

Melton Parish Council signed the Anglian Energy Planning Alliance letter which was sent to the Secretary of State (see Paper PLA(22)41).

On the 20th July 2023 the Sizewell C Project application was granted development consent by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The Business Secretary visited Sizewell on 29th November 2023 to mark the signing of contracts with EDF for £700m of government investment in the project.

This was discussed at Full Council on the 18th January and since then the SZC Communities team has been contacted. They have responded that they will be in touch in February to discuss noise and rail noise mitigation.

23.13  Melton Neighbourhood Plan refresh

Cllr Brown reported that he is working on a step by step document looking at what achievements have been made and what is still outstanding. The refresh is still stalled because of the Warburg land planning appeal.

23.14  To consider Local Highways, Traffic and parking Matters

23.14.01            Pedestrian improvements for Melton Road/Melton Hill

The Clerk reported that the kicker arrows have not been marked yet and she has not heard back about additional vegetation removal. The TRO for double yellow lines is being resubmitted to Legal. No timelines have been received.

23.14.02            Bentwaters / Peninsular traffic issues

Cllr Brown reported that he attended a meeting of the joint local parish councils (JPTI) on the 20th January which was attended by Ben Woolnough (ESC) and Luke Barber (SCC). There is a project looking at reducing carbon footprint and freight transport by 15%. There is a desire for people to work near where they live or to use public transport and/or electric cars. SCC and ESC do not feel there is an issue with capacity at the crossroads and the improvements to the left hand lane by the primary school will only happen by 2026 if enough section 106 levies are received. Since Covid the concept of am and pm rush hours have been replaced with three bursts of traffic (including one at lunchtime). The group asked for a new traffic survey to be carried out which SCC is considering. Although it feels like a lot of effort for not much gain it is important to continue to raise concerns with ESC and SCC and keep it being reviewed.

23.14.04           Mini Holland Project – Love Woodbridge and Melton

The Clerk reported that a presentation was given to councillors in December by the project team which raised several concerns, particularly around the impact the proposals could have on the Melton crossroads and connecting roads. A further meeting is planned for the 6th February to which all Councillors have been invited.

23.14.05            Quiet Lanes – update

The Clerk reported that the signs were now in place on Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Lane so this item will now be removed from future agendas.

23.15  To consider planning enforcement matters

23.15.01            ENF/23/0027/COND – Deben Meadows

Possible Breach of Control: Alleged breach of conditions 26 and 27 of DC/18/5216/VOC ·& DC/18/4890/DRC see DC/23/0120/DRC for latest developments. There are no further updates although solicitors are now involved. The appeal against payment of CIL was rejected by the judge and attempts to recover CIL are now being made.

23.15.02            East Suffolk authorised enforcement action – case update

There is an active enforcement case, ENF/21/0086/DEV, for the workshop building on Brick Kiln Lane, Melton. Following withdrawal of DC/22/0563/FUL communication between ESC and the owner’s planning agent was ongoing. It was proposed that the building was due to be removed or a planning application resubmitted for its retention. As no application has been received a further site visit was completed on 22nd November 2022 where it was viewed the building remains in place. Further correspondence has been sent to the owner by ESC explaining the building requires planning permission. They have been given a period of 3 months from the 20th December 2022 to either remove the building or submit the required application. If an application is not received a further site visit will be completed to confirm the building has been removed. If the building is not removed the need for further enforcement action will be reviewed.

23.15.03            ENF/22/0449/SIGN – Land Adjoining Deben Villa

It has been determined that the advertisements do not fall within any of the categories for deemed consent, therefore they are unauthorised under Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007. Due to this the landowner has been given a period of time to remove the signs.

23.16  Planning Committee Chair’s urgent business

Cllr Brown discussed the letter received from Grundisburgh PC regarding the issue of duplicate planning applications. It was agreed that it would be forwarded to the District Councillor, copying in the clerks of Ufford, Rendlesham, Campsea Ashe and Woodbridge, asking if she can apply pressure on ESC to stop this practice and the best way for us to apply pressure.

23.17 Date of next meeting

The next meeting was due to take place on Wednesday 8th March 2023, commencing at 19:00 at 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton IP12 1QT. However it has been agreed that the Council will trial Full Council meetings only and there will be no further Committee meetings until further notice. There being no further business the meeting ended at 20:30.

Please note that meetings may be filmed, photographed, recorded or reported about.