REC(21)77.01 Pavilion Storage

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on September 9, 2021


Pavilion Storage

Whilst the Pavilion is demolished and rebuilt storage will need to be provided at the playing field. This is for the football club (line marker, paint, nets and some flags), the Council’s property (mainly Fete related) and to house the water/electricity supply and CCTV. Having researched various solutions, the two viable options are to hire a container or purchase a metal shed. It is envisaged storage could be required for up to 12 months. If storage was provided by the contractor the costs would be significantly higher.

The electrical board etc must be housed in a standard grp green box on a concrete base. This will be done by UKPN and will be separate from any storage.

Option 1 – 20 ft Container


  • 3-6 month minimum hire.
  • £18 per week/£78 per month/£936 per year
  • £360 for delivery and collection


  • Would need to sit on wooden sleepers
  • Could be a target for ASB – CCTV could be installed on the outside
  • Would require a hole for a duct to be created – which may not be possible on a hired container


  • Secure
  • Ample storage provision

Option 2 – 10ft x 8ft Metal Shed


  • £649.99 (including VAT)


  • Purchase outright – no minimum hire period
  • Could be sold or re-used elsewhere in the Parish eg Hall Farm Road Sports Ground once the Pavilion is rebuilt
  • Less intrusive and imposing than a container


  • May need to sit on a concrete base (which could be located where the path will be widened to provide controlled vehicle access to the new Pavilion)
  • Not as secure as a container but the CCTV camera could be installed on the outside
  • Limited storage space

Due to the increasing shortage of materials and sheds and ensuring storage is in place before the Pavilion is demolished, the office sought approval from the Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees to go ahead with the purchase of a metal shed. This is in line with the delegated decision arrangements agreed by Full Council on the 5th May 2021.

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

9th September 2021