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Melton Playing Field Zip Wire

Zip Wire
We were informed that a child using the zip wire fractured their arm whilst using the zip wire. The grandparents stated that they “understand from a district councillor in Kelsale that at Stradbroke there have been 9 accidents involving the zip-wire, resulting in fractures. We have also learned that Hampshire CC have removed zip-wires from playgrounds as a result of numerous accidents.

We would like to ask that the council as a whole reconsiders the presence of that zip-wire, weighing up evidence both locally and nationally.”

The zip wire is visually assessed as part of the annual inspection and the latest inspection report states: –

“We have completed a visual inspection of the cable and fixing points from ground level, however it is not possible to fully inspect the cable and fixings without either hiring equipment to gain access or removing the cable and inspecting at ground level. We recommend that the main cable and fixing security is thoroughly inspected at least in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations to check for damage, security or internal rusting, this will help to ensure the continued safe use of the equipment – Inspect in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.”

It is also assessed visually by the maintenance officer as part of his weekly inspections and the tension is adjusted, when necessary, as per the guidance from the manufacturer Kompan.

Kompan could carry out a full inspection and service of the zip wire for £242.

I contacted East Suffolk Council asking if they are aware of any issues with zip wires and concerns regarding their safety and received this response from the Senior Environmental Health Officer

“I am not aware of any suggestion that zip-wire activities are fundamentally unsafe however they should be located, installed and maintained safely.”

They are also doing a search and speak to other LAs to see if they’ve heard anything, but it doesn’t seem to be something they have been told to avoid using.

I have contacted our insurance company enquiring if they are aware of any concerns regarding zip wires and if we should be taking any additional steps but have not received a response yet.

Signage could be installed to include wording such as use at your own risk disclaimer, one person at a time, adults to supervise young children etc. This would not however absolve the Council from its duty of care to users of the equipment, which is discharged by adherence to the safety regime already in place.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if they wish to engage Kompan to undertake a full inspection and service of the zip wire
  • Decide if they wish to take any further action with regards to the use of the zip wire at this time
  • Decide if they wish to display an advisory safety notice on the equipment

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

November 2021