REC(22)07.01 Hall Farm Road Sports Ground

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on January 11, 2022


Hall Farm Road Sports Ground

Wetland Area
The Tree Surgeon has provided a quote for carrying out some clearance and coppicing, dead hedging and clearing the waterway.  

Following reading report received from Suffolk Wildlife trust, discussions on site visit and also discussions with local residents, we are looking to carry out the following work: 

  1. Push back the tree canopies on edge of wooded area to increase grassy headland. 
  1. Selective thinning on old stools to encourage new understorey growth. 
  1. Creating of dead hedge along top edge of bank, using arisings, to discourage fly tipping and encourage habitat. 
  1. Tidying up of banks either side of water outlet running alongside footpath. 

The work listed above is the first phase of a proposed time-phased programme following guidance from Suffolk Wildlife trust, this is to minimise disruption to wildlife, species and local residents. 

TOTAL COST: £1,560 

Cllr James has agreed to organise a litter pick of the wetland area, ensuring that it takes place when it isn’t too wet. It is advisable that children do not participate in this litter pick due to the ground conditions. The maintenance officer has removed the mattress that had been there for some time. 

Play Equipment quotes
Four companies were approached for quotes for a 9aside goal and basketball hoop with a quiet playing surface. Three companies responded but only two could provide a football goal. 

Quote 1 

Goose neck basketball goal complete with HDPE back board, stainless-steel hoop and stainless-steel chain net. This goal is totally maintenance free and built to last, our standard powder coat colour is white as illustrated but as we manufacture the item, we can offer it in any RAL colour at no extra charge. 

Surface: The base preparation for both wet pour and artificial grass is very similar, the area is excavated to approximately 150mm in depth, pre-cast edgings are installed to the perimeter, followed by 100mm layer of heavily consolidated type one stone to the surface area withing the curbs. Wet pour is installed in two layers, 20mm thick base course followed by 20mm thick wearing course in black. Artificial grass has a 30mm thick base course of rubber follower by the artificial carpet over the top. It is important to install a good quality base for both options, failure to do so could result in dips and hollows appearing in the high use areas.  

Our 9 a side goal is made from tubular steel and has unique designs which create an attractive but indestructible frame suitable for children and adults. Fully compliant to BSEN 15312 and guaranteed for 20 years. To supply and install one goal into grass. Measuring 3.6m across the goal opening and 1.8m in height. 


Quote 2 

3050mm high with heavy duty steel hoop projected 1200mm into playing area. Designed and manufactured to EN 15312:2007 safety standard. Galvanised and powder coated finish. 

Mini Goal – Small sided football or hockey 4m wide (max width available) x 2m high. Fencing manufactured from 89mm diameter mild steel posts with 25mm thick heavy duty rebound panels – Galvanised and powder coated finish as standard. 

Quote 3 


Install 38m2 (going out 6m from the hoop in a semi-circle) of carpet surface and a hoop. 

Total £6,263.75 



  Quote 1  Quote 2  Quote 3 
Basketball Hoop  £1,422.00 


£895.00  £1,395 
Surfacing option 1 – wet pour  £4,762.00 (36m2)  £4,930 (12m2) – Nike Grind and concrete edging  N/A 
Surfacing option 2 – artificial turf/carpet surfacing  £4,614.00 (36m2)  £5,374 (12m2) matchwinner velour and concrete edging  £4,799 (38m2) 
Basketball Total  £6,184 – option 1 

£6,036 – option 2 


£5,825 – option 1 

£6,269 – option 2 


Goal  £2,344.00  £2,500.00 

+£232 to remove existing goal 

Additional costs    £581 for delivery and skip  £69.75 carriage 



Benches that MPC has bought and placed at the playing field are recycled plastic.

A 1.8m bench costs £366.95. Other sizes and styles are available and range in price from £260 to £650. Recycled plastic is recommended as it requires less maintenance and is harder wearing than wood.


Suffolk Wildlife Trust Events
SWT have provided a quote for running some family events building bat/bird boxes and habitat hotels. Full details can be found in REC(22)07.1a. A 2 hour session with an hour of prep costs £180. Costs of kits are £7.50-9.50 so running an event for 30 families/30 kits would cost £405- £465.

An application to the Deben Community Partnership was submitted in December. This could provide £2.5k towards the costs. The remainder could be funded through a combination of the CIL sinking fund and the Playpot (£25k available when last enquired). 

Members are asked to: 

  • Note and comment on this report 
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with the tree works and take to Full Council for approval (£1,560) 
  • Decide if they wish to go ahead with the SWT events and take to Full Council for approval (c£450 per session) 
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with purchasing a bench and play equipment and if so which play equipment and bench to purchase and take to Full Council for approval. 

Pip Alder 

Asst Clerk and Management Officer 

January 2022