REC(22)34.04 Play Park

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on May 16, 2022


Melton Recreation Ground Play Park

Although nothing was identified in the last play park inspection as being greater than low risk, some of the equipment is looking a little tired, the slide will need moving and/or replacing because of the Pavilion and none of the equipment is classed as accessible. Three items could potentially be replaced:

The Kompan Supanova was flagged on the inspection because the plastic coating is damaged, and it sounds like the bearings are going. To replace just the blue ring section would cost £5k. To replace the whole piece of equipment would cost around £10k.

The roundabout could be replaced with one that could also be used by wheelchairs. Prices start from £5.5k (not including delivery, installation and safety surfacing).

The slide needs to move because of the new fence line to accommodate the Pavilion. It could be removed and replaced with a new piece of equipment or it could be turned. New/extended wet pour would probably be required.

There is just over £19k left in the Play Pot. Further funding could be sought through grants/District CIL. Children at the primary schools could be consulted on what equipment they would like in the park. 

Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree if the slide should be removed, moved or replaced
  • Agree if any of the other equipment should be replaced.


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer, Melton Parish Council

May 2022