Knacker’s Yard – Valley Farm Road – update

East Suffolk Council have issued the following statement regarding the foul odour:

We have recently visited Mr Clarke to discuss the changes that he has recently made in response to my request.  As you may recall, one of the main sources of the odour is when the fully loaded lorry is externally weighed prior to departure from the site, which usually occurs late afternoon.  This process takes approximately 20 mins or so, during which time the lorry is outside of the building and therefore not subject to odour control.  Mr Clarke has consulted with Defra and has been given permission to forgo the weighing of the lorries prior to departure, during the hot summer season.  This effectively means that the lorry will be loaded and covered inside the building before the doors are opened, the lorry will immediately leave the site to travel to the rendering plant and therefore reduce expose time.

Secondly, the containers used to take the waste off site have been increased in volume thereby allowing more waste be transported per load. This has reduced the number of lorries that leave site daily back down to 1 per day thereby reducing the number of road trips.

Both these measures were introduced on Monday 17th August so we are hopeful that the changes will have a significant impact on the odour.  Please contact the Environmental Protection Team if you notice any changes over the next few weeks.

You can contact the East Suffolk Environmental Protection team by telephoning: 0333 016 2000 or email: