Melton Messenger – A note from Alan – July 2022

Melton Parish Council – A Note from the Chair – Alan Porter

Jubilee Events

Well after a lot of work behind the scenes our two Platinum Jubilee events have been held and I think went very well.

Firstly on July 2nd we decided to light the beacon, which was installed in 2018 to commemorate the end of the First World War.  It seemed a shame not to light it so I contacted the Queen’s Pageant Master and we were on the list.  As usual there are risk assessments to be done, but the event was made a bit easier as the pavilion builders gave us some extra barricades which we put to good use.

I thought what with so much on that only 50 – 75 people would turn up, how wrong I was. In the end we estimated at least 300 people attended.  The proceedings started off with Steve Smith playing the specially written bugle call on his cornet.  Steve plays the Last Post at St. Andrews’ at the Remembrance Day service and was happy to play for us.  He also played the National Anthem which was sung in good heart by those gathered.  At 9:45pm I climbed the ladder with my trusty weed burner to light the beacon.  It turns out 4 packets of fire lighters, a load of newspapers, and a lot of nice dry softwood is an ideal mix with a gentle wind to fan it along.  In the end it burned marvellously.

I thought after the lighting that people would drift away but they didn’t. People just mingled and chatted and felt they were a part of a bigger thing, which indeed they were as over 3,000 beacons were lit in the UK plus 54 in the commonwealth countries.


Alan lights the beacon with a gas powered weed burner
Alan lights the beacon with a gas powered weed burner


The lit beacon
The Beacon burned well for well over an hour


The Fete

So after that we then had to get into top gear for the fete.  It’s always a risky business having a fete as the weather plays such a major part.  In the end it was quite a good day although a stiff gust of wind took out the gazebo over the BBQs.

13 councillors helped out at the fete along with the Pip (Clerk), Fliss (Assistant Clerk) & Phil (Maintenance Officer).  It is quite a task to get it all together and I think we had a good fete this year.  I particularly would like to thank Councillors Charmaine, Chas, Carol and Deborah for their efforts.  Also Deborah’s Dad; Stan who peeled & chopped 5kg of onions.

I think we are blessed in Melton to have people willing to give up their time for the benefit of others in the local community.

Financially the stall holders keep 90% of their profits for their organisations.  The combined value of the stall holder revenue was just over £6K for local organisations. They just pay the fete committee 10% of their profits.  This goes to help pay for the rubbish bins, the band, and all the other expenses and to provide a base fund for the next fete.  Over and above that the profits are split 3 ways between Melton Primary School, St. Andrew’s Church and the Burness Parish Rooms.  They will receive £200.00 each as agreed at the Full Council meeting on 15th June.

The exception this year was the raffle which we decided that the proceeds would go to help kit out the new Pavilion.  Local businesses gave some great prizes and we sold £635 of tickets.  This was really a raffle with no losers as even if you didn’t win a prize the facilities in the local Pavilion were a winner.  The MPC BBQ put 10% into the pot like the other organisations but still made £560 for the pavilion equipment fund.  The pavilion will benefit from nearly £1200 to help equip it.  We shall retain just under £650 to seed the fete for 2023.


Ipswich Hospital Band Wind Ensemble
The Ipswich Hospital Band Wind Ensemble in their new splendid waistcoats.


Fete BBQ Crew
The MPC BBQ crew from left to right Nigel, Chas, Alan, Phil, Mark and Bill. We sold 175 burgers & 150 sausages


Other photos available at


Crossing points in Melton Road

July is the month that SCC Highways promised us that the crossing points would be fitted.  We shall soon find out if that happens.

Yarmouth Road Care Home Appeal

We have still no news on the appeal for the building proposals in Yarmouth Road.  I have no idea why it’s taking so long.

Internal Audit

I am pleased to report that the audit carried out recently shows us to be a well-run council with good financial controls in place.  This is great news especially as we have just upgraded to a more sophisticated financial system and we had a change of staff in January.  The June Full Council meeting is a special one in finance terms as we have to endorse the figures that go to the external auditor.  This milestone has been achieved.

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs)

We are looking to upgrade one of our SIDs to have a happy/grumpy face and maybe getting a solar panel for one of the others.  I think they are helping and they also collect speed data for analysis.

Councillor Vacancy

We still have one vacancy on Melton Parish Council so if you would like to join us then come to a meeting or contact myself or the Clerk.


Alan Porter

Chair – Melton Parish Council