You can see all the current planning applications in Melton using this map. Click on a red pin and you will be directed to the relevant application on the East Suffolk Council planning application website.

For consideration by Planning & Transport Committee:

DC/20/1831/OUT Carter Warburg

DC/20/0040/FUL 4 Hackney Terrace

DC/20/4870/FUL 32 Calder Road

DC/20/5182/FUL 2 Yarmouth Road

DC/20/5186/FUL 54 Church View Close

DC/20/5252/VOC Riduna Park

DC/20/5278/FUL Land To The North And West Of Garden Square And Gardenia Close Rendlesham

DC/20/1521/FUL Care Village

A presentation and Q&A session was given by the Care Village Development Team to members of Melton Parish Council on Wednesday 20 May 2020. Notes of the session can be found in this document: Care Home Village Teleconference Notes.

The Development Team responded further to the Council’s questions on the 26 May 2020, with the Habitat Survey Report and additional responses to some questions they were unable to respond to during the conference.

Amendments have been made to the above planning application. Revised plans and documents can be viewed on the East Suffolk Council Planning website including a Post Application Response Summary.