Planning & Transport

Planning & Transport

The Planning and Transport Working Group considers all planning application which affect Melton. In each case it decides the appropriate response to the District Council taking into consideration the effect it would have on Melton residents. Sometimes the impact on the village of a particular application will require consideration by the Full Council. It also makes sure that the views of Melton are heard in the discussions about new regional and local planning policies.

Councillors on Planning and Transport are:
Cllrs Brown (Chair), Darby (Deputy Chair), Bann, Corston, Gradwell, Holmes, Stearn and Taylor (ex officio).

The Planning & Transport Working Group meets as and when required.

Full copies of the applications and notes of the comments or objections made by the planning committee group can be seen at the District Council offices or at the Parish Council Office during normal opening hours.

One of the tasks undertaken by the Planning and Transport Working Group is to keep an eye on the roads and footpaths and to encourage and persuade the County Council to maintain them properly.

The Parish Council has the power (but not the duty) to make new paths and to maintain or improve existing ones, and to plant trees or make roadside verges, to put up village signs, and to contribute to traffic calming measures.

In the case of Melton it has usually been enough to consult with the County Council on highway matters, although we sometimes have to wait a while as they sort out their priorities. As the volume of road traffic increases there are concerns about congestion and safety.  Noise and pollution are a problem but the safety record in the parish is good.

The District Council has adopted a new Local Plan from 23rd September 2020. Full details can be found on the East Suffolk website. The Melton Neighbourhood Plan sits under the Local Plan and together they form the basis for development in the village.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework sets out government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. Full details can be found on the website.

East Suffolk Council have produced an Environmental Guidance Note to support their environmental vision in building the right environment for East Suffolk and its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030. It was produced after the Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency last year in a bid to reduce its own carbon emissions and to encourage local communities to help fight climate change.

The issue of speeding is one that concerns many Melton residents. Action taken by the Parish Council so far includes:

  • Working with Highways on road safety improvements
  • Project to install two pedestrian crossings on Melton Road/Melton Hill
  • Installation of Speed Indicator Devices (SID) at multiple locations in the village
  • Liaising with the Police Speed Safety Camera Team to ensure regular visits are made to known speeding hot spots (including Woods Lane, Melton Road, Yarmouth Road and Wilford Bridge Road)
  • Working with residents on Bredfield Road to improve pedestrian routes/crossings and speed safety measures

SID Data

Please note that the data taken from the SIDs is not calibrated and is not used by the police. The data is shared with the Planning and Transports Committee,  Highways and the Speed Safety Team to alert them to speeding issues:

Melton Road – Jan to Feb 2021

Yarmouth Road – Approaching Melton – Dec 2021

Yarmouth Road – Approaching Melton – Jan 2022

Bredfield Road – Facing Woods Lane – Feb 2022

Bredfield Road – Facing Woods Lane – March 2022

Bredfield Road Opp Direction- March to April 2022

Bredfield Road – Facing Woods Lane – July to Sept 2022

Bredfield Road Facing Woods Lane April to July 2023

Joint Parish Traffic Initiative

Joint Parish Group – Data Presentation June 24