FERM Meeting

The next meeting of Melton Parish Council FERM Committee will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 14th October commencing at 7pm.

This meeting is held in public and all residents of Melton are very welcome.

The full agenda and papers will be available to view on the FERM section of the website at least 3 clear days before the meeting.


0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 894 9322 3910
Passcode: 746398

FERM Meeting

FERM meeting Agenda and Papers:

FRM(19)A05 Agenda for FERM Committee Meeting on 11th December 2019

FRM(19)M04 Minutes of FERM Committee meeting 9 October 2019

FRM(19)64.01 Financial report

FRM(19)64.01a Barclays current account cashbook

FRM(19)64.01b Barclays deposit account cashbook

FRM(19)64.01c Ipswich Building Society cashbook

FRM(19)64.01d Lloyds account cashbook

FRM(19)64.01e Income and Expenditure

FRM (19)64.01f Barclays current account

FRM(19)64.01g Barclays deposit account

FRM(19)64.01h Ipswich Building Society account

FRM(19)64.01i Lloyds account

FRM(19)64.02 Budget Report

FRM(19)64.02a Annual Budget

FRM(19)64.03 Draft revised Financial Regulations

FRM(19)64.04 Data Protection

FRM(19)64.04a Data Protection Risk Assessment template

FRM(19)64.04b Data protection checklist

FRM(19)64.07 Limited Assurance Review – correspondence

FRM(19)66.01 Risk register – update on live risks

FRM(19)66.02 Draft Business Continuity Plan

FRM(19)66.02a Riduna Park Emergency Incident Plans

FRM(19)67.01 Delegated decision report

FRM(19)68 Update on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funded projects