Full Council

Full Council meeting

MPC(20)A01 Full Council Agenda for 15th January 2020

MPC(20)07.01 Financial report 31 December 2019

MPC(20)07.01a Barclays current account cashbook

MPC(20)07.01b Barclays deposit account cashbook

MPC(20)07.01c Ipswich Building Society cashbook

MPC(20)07.01d Lloyds Treasurers account cashbook

MPC(20)07.01e Detailed income and expenditure by budget head

MPC(20)07.01f Bank reconciliation Barclays current account

MPC(20)07.01g Bank reconciliation Barclays deposit account

MPC(20)07.01h Bank reconciliation Ipswich BS

MPC(20)07.01i Bank reconciliation Lloyds Treasurers account

MPC(20)07.02 Budget report

MPC(20)07.02a Budget spreadsheet

MPC(20)07.03 Precept request 2020/21

MPC(20)07.04 Request for funding by Community Rail Partnership

MPC(20)07.04a Map setting out safe footway proposals

MPC(20)07.05 Draft Revised Financial Regulations 2020

MPC(20)11 Update on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) projects

MPC(20)15 Risk register

MPC(20)17 Request to ratify decision taken

MPC(20)18.03 Local Transport Officer report

MPC(20)18.07 Report from Sizewell C Community Forum 16 December 2019

MPC(20)18.07a Overview of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning Process

Full Council

Full Council meeting

MPC(19)A06 Full Council Agenda for 13th November 2019

MPC(19)97.01 Financial Report

MPC(19)97.01a Barclays

MPC(19)97.01b Barclays Deposit Account

MPC(19)97.01c Ipswich Building Society

MPC(19)97.01d Lloyds

MPC(19)97.01e Budget Income and Expenditure

MPC(19)97.01f Barclays reconciliation

MPC(19)97.01g Barclays deposit reconciliation

MPC(19)97.01h Ipswich Building Society reconciliation

MPC(19)97.01i Lloyds reconciliation

MPC(19)97.03 Limited Assurance Review

MPC(19)97.04 Grant giving report

MPC(19)100 Pavilion Project

MPC(19)101 Latest Divestment Proposals

MPC(19)102 Risk report

MPC(19)104.03 Local Transport Officer’s Report

FRM(19)M04 Minutes of FERM Committee meeting 9 October 2019

PLA(19)M09 Minutes of the Planning & Transport Meeting on 18th September 2019

PLA(19)M10 Minutes of Planning & Transport Committee 16th October 2019

REC(19)M04 Recreation Minutes from 25th September 2019

Full Council Meeting – 16th September at 7pm

The next meeting of Melton Parish Council will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 16th September commencing at 7pm.

This meeting is held in public and all residents of Melton are very welcome.

The full agenda and papers will be available to view on the Full Council section of the website at least 3 clear days before the meeting.

To join online: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86762667810?pwd=MWJDNWF4RTZRUERXdmcxK0UrRm96Zz09

To join by phone: 0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 867 6266 7810
Passcode: 866619