MPC(21)81 Sizewell C Update

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on June 14, 2021

                                                                                                  MPC 21.81




Since the 5 May report to Full Council, the following work has been undertaken:

  • Leaflet drop by volunteers to 2,100 households (including Houseboats)
  • The on-line residents’ survey on night trains
  • Updated the MPC website to reflect the latest SZC information
  • Reported to Planning Committee on extracts from the Written Representations of both SCC and our local MP PLA(21)60 Sizewell C – Report on written representations by significant others – Melton Parish Council (
  • Responded to EDF’s targeted consultation on rail noise impacts/mitigation (Houseboats)
  • EDF has issued a “Minor Changes Consultation” but it is not about matters that directly affect MPC and we do not need to make a response
  • Meeting being arranged between EDF and MPC/WTC to discuss our representations.
  • The key targets in the Examining Authority’s timetable have been completed, as marked below.


The Examining Authority’s Timetable May to July 2021

Deadline 1  –  12th May 2021


  • Apply on a special form to speak at the Open Floor Hearings, 18th to 21st May 2021 and identify the speaker – COMPLETED
  • Pre-register for participation at any of the “Issue Specific Hearings” from 6th to 16th July 2021. – COMPLETED
  • Comments on suggested locations for site inspections. – COMPLETED

Open Floor Hearings  –  18th to 21st May 2021


An opportunity to voice personal and particular concerns about the SZC planning application   – COMPLETED by Cllr Darby

Deadline 2  –  2nd June 2021


  • Written submission of oral case. – COMPLETED
  • Written Representation (WR) to the ExA – COMPLETED
  • Summary of Written Representation (WR) – COMPLETED

Deadline 3  –  24th June 2021


  • Comments (if any) on WRs and Local Impact Reports submitted by others
  • MPC to decide which, if any, of the Issue Specific Hearings (ISH) in July are of interest, then register, by 24 June, to attend and speak

Issue Specific Hearings, from 6th to 16th July 2021 (see Appendix)

Deadline 4  –  23rd July 2021


  • Post-Issue Specific Hearing submissions including written submissions of oral case.

Deadline 5  onwards  –  August to 14th October 2021
It would be advisable for MPC to defer, until the end of July, most decisions on how it should respond to the second half of the timetable.  MPC may need to flex its response to the evolving examination process and in the light of events or new information.



ExA confirms arrangements for the following Issue Specific Hearings (ISH)

An Issue Specific Hearing on the draft Development Consent Order (DCO) and the s.106 agreement / Deed of obligation to include:


  • Securing mitigation, Code of Construction Practice, LEMPs and related documentation
  • The deemed marine licence
  • Limits of deviation and the parameter plans
  • Appeals and dispute resolution
  • Tailpieces and EIA.

The s.106 agreement / Deed of obligation

  • The Sizewell Special Arrangements
  • Securing the participation of third parties
  • Enforcement practicalities – mechanisms, damages, injunctions and penalties
  • Land currently controlled by the Applicant.

Adequacy of “reasonable endeavours” as a standard.

An Issue Specific Hearing on Traffic and Transport (Part 1) to include:

  • Freight Management Strategy.
  • Transport Strategy relating to Associated Development Sites.
  • Transport Assessments approach and modelling.

 An Issue Specific Hearing on Traffic and Transport (Part 2) to include:

  • Consideration of the proposed monitoring and control mechanisms relating to traffic and transport.
  • Consideration of local transport impacts.

An Issue Specific Hearing on Socio-economic and community issues to include:

 In respect of socio-economics, impacts on and opportunities for:

  • the local economy,
  • local businesses,
  • supply chain,
  • employment impacts
  • required skills and education initiatives,
  • tourism impacts and
  • monitoring and mitigation measures.

 In respect of community issues to include;

  • Demographic modelling (including gravity model),
  • Housing and accommodation strategy,
  • Emergency services impacts,
  • Sports and recreation
  • Community safety,
  • Health
  • Monitoring and mitigation measures

An Issue Specific Hearing on Landscape and visual impact and design to include:

  • Potential impact on the setting of protected landscapes, including the
  • Adequacy of the LVIA
  • Potential roles/need for a design champion, design review panel and design code
  • Effect of temporary and permanent lighting at the Main Development Site and Associated Development Sites
  • Specific proposals and alternatives to include pylons, spoil heaps, borrow pits, SSSI crossing, design of the power station and ancillary buildings, temporary and permanent beach landing facilities, accommodation campus, planting in Pillbox Field and coastal defences
  • Mitigation and controls
  • Cumulative effects.

An Issue Specific Hearing on coastal geomorphology to include:

  • Potential impact on coastal processes from the proposed hard coastal sea defence and the soft coastal sea defence and the temporary and permanent beach landing facilities
  • Adequacy of climate change adaptation measures, resilience and consequential impacts on coastal change arising from those measures
  • Mitigation and controls including the Coastal Monitoring and Mitigation Plan.

An Issue Specific Hearing on biodiversity and ecology to include:

  • Terrestrial ecology
  • Minsmere
  • The marsh harrier, HRA and IROPI
  • The Sizewell Marshes SSSI – the SSSI crossing, fen meadow replacement and mitigation, and other flora and fauna by reason of which it is of special interest
  • Protected species
  • Other designated sites
  • Ancient woodland and veteran trees
  • Duties under ss.28G and 28I of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the effects of s.28P
  • Duties under ss. 40 and 41 Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006
  • Letters of no impediment.
  • Marine ecology
  • HRA, European and similar site
  • Cooling water system, acoustic fish deterrents
  • Fisheries, fish stocks, sabellaria spinosa; seals
  • Other marine issues and marine water quality
  • Marine navigation.

Important information about these hearings can be found in Annex A.  Detailed Agendas for the Issue specific Hearings will be published on the Project page of the National Infrastructure Planning website five working days in advance of the hearing date.  However, the actual agenda on the day of each hearing may be subject to change at the discretion of the ExA

In the light of the current Government Guidance to control the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing restrictions the ExA has made a Procedural Decision that these hearings will be held by virtual means, through Microsoft Teams.

ISHs provide an opportunity for the ExA to invite Interested Parties (IPs) to make oral representations about specific issues relating to the application

If you wish to participate in any of the above hearings please let the Planning Inspectorate’s case team know by emailing the Project mailbox:  no later than Deadline 3 on Thursday 24 June 2021.  Please ensure that you include your Interested Party reference number in your correspondence.  This can be found either in the email covering this letter or on the letter you have received dated 8 June 2021.