Here are current planning consultations that are relevant to Melton:

Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy

East Suffolk Council is looking to improve the options for people cycling and walking in East Suffolk, making it safer and more convenient as well as encouraging more people to try cycling and walking to school, work or for leisure.

The Council’s Planning Policy Team are in the early stages of producing a Cycling and Walking Strategy to help create a better environment for all those already cycling and walking, or who want to start. The team would like help from the community to identify issues with cycling and walking infrastructure and where improvements could be made. The team are also keen to hear suggestions on how people can be encouraged to cycle and walk more. An interactive map is available which will show issues and suggestions submitted by the community.

The first consultation on the Strategy  will close on 30 November 2020. The consultation asks you to highlight cycling and walking matters in East Suffolk which you think should be addressed. You can provide solutions which you think could encourage more people to cycle and walk. You can also view an online map showing opportunities and potential solutions raised by others. While we would very much like to deliver every suggested opportunity, this may not be possible. However, this should not stop you from proposing as many opportunities as you think would be beneficial. On the consultation map we have shown the development sites allocated in the Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Local Plans. This is because there may be opportunities to deliver cycling and walking improvements in conjunction with these developments. We would therefore encourage you to identify opportunities near to these sites. View the consultation map and make a response.

This consultation is open to everyone. With your input, we can improve the cycling and walking experience in East Suffolk. After the consultation we will carefully analyse every response submitted to us. While we would very much like to deliver every suggested opportunity, this however may not be possible.

Further information:

Draft Statement of Community Involvement
East Suffolk Council is also keen to increase people’s engagement with the planning process. A draft document, known as the ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ (SCI) has been prepared which details how residents could be involved in the production of planning policy documents and have their say on planning applications.

To view and comment on the draft Statement of Community Involvement and complete a short questionnaire please visit:

Draft Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy
East Suffolk Council is inviting comments on a new Supplementary Planning Document which looks at how to reduce the impact of new housing developments on protected habitat sites. The Suffolk Coast Recreation Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) is a partnership between East Suffolk Council, Ipswich Borough Council and Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils. Its aim is to lessen the impact of increased levels of recreational use on habitat sites, due to new residential development in the Suffolk Coast area, and to provide a simple, coordinated way for developers to deliver mitigation for their developments. Views are invited on the draft Supplementary Planning Document, which summarises the requirements of Suffolk Coast RAMS, including the per-dwelling tariff, and provides a framework for implementing those provisions.

To view and comment on the draft Supplementary Planning Document visit:

The deadline for responses for all three consultations is 30 November 2020.