Quiet Lanes

Quiet Lanes

Update January 2023

The signs have now been installed on Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Lane.


Melton Parish Council is supporting the opportunities to designate certain rural lanes in the village as “Quiet Lanes” as part of a county wide project.

Quiet Lanes sign

Numerous consultations have shown that Road Safety is a concern for the residents of Melton. Quiet Lanes are a nationally recognised designation and are intended for shared use by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other road users. They encourage drivers to ‘Expect and Respect’ more vulnerable road users and so allow non-motorised users to enjoy rural lanes in greater safety.

These types of lanes do not impose traffic restrictions and are not enforced. Advisory signs are placed at either end of Quiet Lanes to show motorised users clearly that the road is a shared space.

We feel that this would be of real benefit to the village and those who visit. The lanes being considered are already used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and link with existing footpaths and bridleways in the village.

We have identified, in conjunction with Suffolk County Council (Highways), St Audry’s Lane and Lodge Farm Lane as being suitable for designation – see map below. Ufford Parish Council is also proposing that Old Church Road and Lower Road are designated as Quiet Lanes. These will be consulted on separately by Ufford Parish Council.

Map showing Quiet Lanes

The project has now reached the Proposal Stage and Suffolk County Council are consulting with local residents:

Proposal Notice

Update March 2022

Melton Parish Council is included in wave 3 of the project.  The Suffolk Highways Engineer has completed his assessment of the responses from the Highways Consultation on all wave 3 lanes and it has been advised that the lanes will be recommended for designation. The Designation is currently awaiting sign off by Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member.

Update September 2022

These roads have now been approved as Quiet Lanes. Signs will be installed at the three locations shown on the map below in the Autumn.

Quiet Lanes Sign Locations