MPC(22)07.08 Emergency Decisions

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on January 13, 2022


To note the urgent decisions made by the Emergency Decision Making Body (as agreed at the meeting of Full Council on 5th May 2021)

Three urgent decisions were required to be made before the next meeting of the Full Council. The office sought approval from the Emergency Decision Making Body (Cllrs Porter, Gradwell, Banks, Taylor and Brown) on the following items:


  1. Office Electricity Contract

Our current energy supplier, Smartest Energy, reviewed our usage and invoked a clause in their terms and conditions because our usage was lower than 1,200kw per month. This would require us to move onto a new tariff.

The new tariff quoted was:

Standing Charge: 72p per day   Unit Rate: 28.5p / kWh

Our current rate was:

Standing charge: 27.06p per day Unit rate: 14.69p /kWh

Using an energy broker they found a 36 month fixed deal with British Gas Lite:

Standing charge: 28.73p per day Unit rate: 28.55p / kwh

It was agreed to transfer to British Gas Lite and the new contract will take effect from mid-January 2022.


  1. Purchase of computer for Asst Clerk

It was agreed that a new computer would be purchased for the Asst Clerk before she starts in January 2022. As the purchase price was above the debit card limit of £500 as agreed in the Financial Regulations, approval was sought to exceed the limit on this occasion to purchase a laptop.


  1. Fencing off Pavilion Slab

The slab that remains from the Pavilion demolition is currently fenced off for safety reasons. Mixbrow left it as smooth as they could but because of the change of levels and construction materials there are potential trip hazards. There were 3 main options, with a 4th radical option, that could be pursued to ensure the site is safe:



  1. Fence off with stakes and orange netting – no cost initially as we have these materials. However the netting is likely to be damaged, it won’t stop people accessing the site and therefore accidents could still happen. However it would meet any basic obligations to the public for insurance purposes.
  2. Hire 15 x heras panels, clips and feet. Cost from Mixbrow is £2.36 a week. Cost from Hire Station is £1.20 a week with a £12.50 delivery charge each way. Mixbrow cost per week = £35.40 Hire Station cost per week = £18. Hire for 6 months is £468 for Hire Station (plus £25 for delivery) or £920.40 from Mixbrow.
  3. Purchase 15 Heras panels. The panels could then be stored at the pavilion and used for any future projects/fete/events etc. Cost from Mixbrow is £840. Cost from Hire Station is £630 (+£12.50 delivery)
  4. The 4th radical option was to get Mixbrow to remove the slab now and remove that item from the specification of the construction contract. Mixbrow have quoted to break out the slab, dispose of it and spread topsoil and grass seed for £3234.00 + vat – This is based on the slab being no thicker than 150mm and it being carried out whilst the track matts are on hire. If the work has to be scheduled in later there would be an additional £1558.00 + vat charge for the track matting making the total cost for the breaking out of the slab £4792.00 + vat.

It was agreed that the Option 1 was preferable in the first instance although it would be subject to review.



Members are asked to Note this report


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer

13 January 2022