MPC(22)07.10 Recreation Requests

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on January 17, 2022


Recreation Requests for Approval

At the Recreation Meeting on Wednesday 12th January 2022 it was agreed to take the following items to Full Council for approval:

  1. Melton Road Recreation Ground Sign (

Designs were discussed and all Members were in agreement that it should be taken to Full Council on the 19th January for sign off as the cost is now £2,970. The original budget was £2k. This will be funded through CIL.

  1. Hall Farm Road Sports Ground (

Proposals were discussed for a basketball hoop and football goal, bench, wetland tree works and SWT events.

  • Carry out Phase 1 of the wetland area works. £1,560
  • Accept Quote 1 for the goal and basketball hoop using wet pour as the surface. The goal can be painted in Melton Green (RAL 6005). £8,528
  • Purchase a 1.8m recycled plastic bench. It should be placed in partial shade so as not to become too hot to sit on in sunny weather. £366.95
  • Arrange 3 SWT events; bird boxes at Hall Farm Road in the Easter holidays, bat box event at the playing field in the summer, some to be used in Burkes Wood, and a third event (potentially habitat hotels) for another date. £1.5k

Funding is being sought through the Deben Community Partnership, the PlayPot and District Councillor Locality Budget. It is hoped that the full costs will be funded through these sources, but it is likely that the woodland work will need to be funded through the Sinking Fund EMR.


Councillors are asked to:

  • Confirm that the above proposals meet with their approval
  • Agree to fund the purchase of the Recreation Ground sign through CIL at the increased cost
  • Approve the proposals, costings and funding mechanisms for the Hall Farm Road Sports Ground enhancements


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

January 2022