MPC(22)50.04 Committee Members

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on May 5, 2022

Planning & Transport

Cllr Brown (Chair) Cllr Darby (VC)
Cllr Hilson Cllr Holmes
Mr A Corston


Cllr Gradwell


Cllr Taylor

(ex officio)

Cllr Porter



Cllr Banks (Chair) Cllr Gradwell (VC)
Cllr Brown Cllr Packard
Cllr Taylor Cllr Porter



Cllr Taylor (Chair) Cllr Gradwell (VC)
Cllr Harvey-Smith Cllr Holmes
Cllr Martin Cllr James
Mrs C McBurney


Cllr Porter
Cllr Darby  


Disciplinary Panel

Cllr Brown Cllr Taylor


Appeals Panel

Cllr Porter Cllr Martin
Cllr Harvey-Smith  


Budget & Projects Working Group

Chair of Council Vice Chair of Council
Chairs of Committees Vice Chairs of Committees
Any other Councillors  


Pavilion Working Group

Cllr Porter Cllr Gradwell
Cllr Darby Cllr Holmes
Cllr James Margaret Cobb