MPC(23)06.03 Precept Request for 2023/24

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on January 12, 2023



Melton Parish Council has to notify East Suffolk Council of its precept requirement for 2022/23 by 28th January 2023.

Papers MPC(23)06.2 (covering report) and MPC(23)06.2a (the budget spreadsheet) set out the proposed detailed budget for 2023/24 which is recommended for adoption.

For 2023/24 the budget reflects a proposed precept of £117,261 made up as follows:

  1. The charge for a Band D property in 2023/24 (£54.87) x 1,945.62 Band D equivalent properties. The tax base has increased from 1,905.05 since last year thus yielding an increased sum of £106,756.17 with 0% change.
  2. Full Council adopted the recommendation from Budget Working Group to add an uplift to take it to a little below the consumer price index totalling £10,504.83. This gives a recommended precept for next year of £117,261. On that basis the in-year budget provides for a deficit of £7.9k, which can be met via appropriate use of CIL monies and/or deferring some budgeted spend. It is hoped that the Pavilion may generate more income than predicted and have lower running costs.

The precept figure thus calculated of £117,261 represents an overall increase of about 10p per week/£5.20 a year for a Band D equivalent property.  In the Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement it has been confirmed that there will be no council tax referendum limits for local councils in 2023/24.


Members are requested to formally determine the Council’s precept requirement for 2023/24 as £117,261.


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer

January 2023