MPC(23)84 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on July 13, 2023



Pavilion Update
The regular term time bookings are taking a break over the summer however all have confirmed they are restarting in September. Some are hiring for one off events and there are a number of new one-off hires for the summer holidays. More bookings for children’s parties at weekends are being received. No further dates have been supplied in relation to the pop-up takeaway café.

The Recreation Working Group considered the cost of replacing the kitchen window with a sliding style in view of concerns raised over the safety of the current window opening outwards. The cost would be at least £1633.50 and this figure would increase if changes to the shutter were required.

The group felt at this stage other options could be explored to mitigate the risk with a view to installing a barrier or similar. The hirers of the Pavilion are already informed to place cones out if opening the kitchen windows.

The final snagging is nearing completion. The external WC door lock timer has been replaced with an electronic version, adjustments are being made to the external WC toilet door closer and repairs to panelling under the awning. The landscaping is still being looked at.

Additional Car park lighting
Additional lighting to illuminate the area where the low barrier is located between the car park and the access road is being investigated by the office. Quotes were sought to provide a motion sensitive column light which would operate from dusk until dawn to minimise the potential for light pollution, utilising the power supply in the CCTV cabinet. Two of the three companies approached were able to provide a quote for the works.

Company one

  1. Hand dig trench and install 50mm electrical duct to corner of flower bed supply and install within hole 4m root mounted galvanised lighting column, concrete and install. Repair and reinstate tarmac, concrete.
  2. Install twin flood light bracket to top of lighting column, complete with 2no 50watt LED floodlights.
  3. Wire and install fused cut out and SWA cable back to CCTV cabinet, connect via 6amp RCBO and photocell and timer
  4. Upon completion of the above test, label and issue electrical completion certificate.

Net £3,337.13

Company two

Wire and install 2no. 30w LED flood lights by front gates in grass area, as discussed. Floodlights to be situated to a square tall post supplied and installed by others. We will need to cut into the tarmac to bring the cabling around and make good. Install a photocell to bring the bollards on dusk till dawn. Test and leave working.

Note: We have assumed the square post will be supplied and installed by yourselves ready for us to mount 2no. flood lights (1no. on each of the elevations pointing towards the car park and the path).

Net £485.00

Alternatively, more solar lighting could be installed either at the noticeboard using the same lights as currently on the tennis court fencing or installing a more permanent solar solution. A local company who supplies and installs solar streetlamps has been approached for costings. Further information will be available at the next Full Council meeting.

D-Day Landings 80th Anniversary Beacon Lighting
The Recreation Working Group has recommended that the Parish holds an event to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, which will involve the lighting of the beacon at 9.15pm on 6th June 2024. Volunteers will be required.

Tree Policy
The current tree policy is under review by the Recreation Working Group. The updated wording will be brought to the next Full Council meeting in September.

Hall Farm Close Conservation Area Update
The residents at Hall Farm Close, who maintain the Conservation Area at the rear of their property as volunteers, have cleared the area of a large quantity of rubbish and dead vegetation to allow light to penetrate the space. Three trees (a Rowan, Sliver Birch and Crab Apple), have been planted with a Cherry tree to follow. In addition to the hedging around the outside planted by the Tree Warden further crab apple planting has been added by the volunteers. Three of the mature Sycamore trees will be assessed by the Tree Surgeon. Longer term plans include the creation of a large-scale bug hotel, installation of a pond and hedgehog highways along with wildflower and bluebell planting.

Other Updates
The replacement benches (including one that is accessible) near the car park at the Recreation Ground were installed last week. This is in addition to the installation of the replacement notice board.

The Thai Food Truck had another successful evening last month and have requested to attend again on Saturday 29th July which the Working Group agreed too.

Councillors are asked to:

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Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

July 2023