MPC(24)24 Reports from Outside Bodies

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on February 26, 2024


Reports from Outside Bodies

 Burness Parish Room Management Committee – Nothing to report

Melton Trust – Nothing to report

Melton Primary School – the school held an open morning on the 13th February which although not as well attended as the previous one (which aligned with reception application dates) it was very positive. The Young Voices event at the O2 was a great success and all those who attended or participated were very enthusiastic about the experience. Indicative numbers for September 2024 Reception are lower than the school would like, but numbers are down across the whole IP12 area. Numbers of children being home educated in Suffolk has nearly doubled in the past 4 years.

Melton Messenger – progress has been made in identifying new advertisers and the Editorial Board is reassured that this, combined with the continuing contribution from MPC, will enable the costs of production to be met.

Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) – Nothing to report

Suffolk Disability Forum – Nothing to report

Melton, Woodbridge and Deben Community Partnership – Nothing to report

Woodbridge and Melton Society – The arrangements for the Blue Plaque to Archibald Garrod on Wilford Lodge are being discussed and the owners are laying on a reception for the unveiling on 15th June.

Committee members had not been able to study fully the proposals for the Active Travel Woodbridge project but there was concern that no action was proposed for the town centre and the 20mph zone would not include Lime Kiln Quay/Station Road.

Bryony Abbott, former MPC Councillor, has joined the committee. The Society has been encouraged by the support received from Melton Parish Council and Cllr John Bann.

Deben Estuary Partnership

Latest meeting was held on Jan 18. Thomas Yeung is the new Chairman and there were over 25 groups in attendance. A group of 10 ‘chapters’ has been set up to look at the Estuary from different viewpoints. These chapters will form the basis of an updated Estuary Plan.

David Kemp from the Environment Agency then gave a presentation on how the Agency plans to cope with flooding. The river is divided into 13 ‘flood cells’, money is allocated to each cell. The mouth of the river around Bawdsey is particularly vulnerable as farmland will become useless when flooded.

Water quality was covered at the meeting.

The Estuary Plan, when completed, will influence future planning applications.

Next meeting is on 14 March at Martlesham Community Hall.

Climate Advocate/Adaptive Action Group – bee cafes are being set up in Woodbridge and would like MPC to consider installing some.