MPC(24)36 Melton Fete

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on March 18, 2024


The Melton Fete 2024

The first meeting has taken place and committee has a healthy group of Councillors and local residents who volunteered to help.

Field lay out is being developed following some consultation with attendees who have larger stalls/arenas.

Meeting with Paws of Parham has been arranged to discuss their needs re dogs’ welfare facilities.

Arena bookings for hospital band, Punch & Judy and Dog agility to date.  Hoping to add a modern band to finish the show dependent on price.

Bins have been ordered.

Raffle tickets sales to be less complicated but yet to be agreed.

First aid is essential at the event. A request for training to be funded by MPC for 1 person was considered however this has now been funded by Resolve Fitness.

PA system quotes currently being sourced from 3 local companies.

Signage for bar/ BBQ and replacement of existing banners being consulted with Newtide.

BBQ prices from Melton butcher Fodder and others to be sought.

Update on donations will be given verbally at the meeting.

Finance – the Fete EMR has £950. Of this, £500 is committed for the hospital band, Punch and Judy and bins. Still need funding for the PA system and possibly a second band.  Early indications are that donations may be down on last year.  There is, therefore, a concern that the initial budget of £950 may not be enough. Councillors are asked to consider topping up the Fete EMR with £550. The £550 would be returned to the General Reserve after the fete if it was not required.

Help on the day with setup, stalls, H & S, first aid, Bar, BBQ, parking is being arranged. Please speak to one of the Working Group members if you can help with anything.  Cllrs Bann, Brown, Martin (helping on WI stall), Stearn, Gradwell, Darby, Taylor, Hillier and Holmes and the Clerk have all confirmed availability for the day.  If anyone else is available, please let me know.

Over 20 commercial stalls, charities and local groups have requested a space.

At the last Full Council meeting, Councillors agreed to increase commercial stall holders’ fees to £10 taken as a deposit up front.  However, after discussion with the fete working group, concerns were raised that this is much higher than car boot fairs and may result in an empty field.  A proposal of £6, in line with the car boot fairs at Trinity and Good Friday Street was proposed.

A further 6 meetings have been scheduled.

Members are asked to:

  • Agree to charge £6 as an up-front non-refundable deposit for commercial stalls, and no percentage of profits will be taken. For non-commercial stalls/charities they will be asked to donate 10% of profits (after costs).
  • Agree to increase the fete EMR by £550, to be reduced if donations cover the additional £550.
  • Confirm if they can help at the fete on the day.

Cllr Darby