MPC(24)51.02 2024-25 Budget Report

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on April 10, 2024



Since the budget was accepted in January 2024 some small adjustments have been made as updated figures for 2024/25 have been received.

As agreed at the March meeting of Full Council the following budget lines have been altered:

Pavilion Cleaning expenditure increased by £1,239 to £6,239.

Business Rates expenditure increased by £347 to £7,636.50.

Service Recharges income increased by £200 for £2,000.

Tennis court hire income decreased by £250 to £1,250.

In addition to those agreed changes the sundry income has been increased by £700 to reflect expected income from the circus.

The updated budget figures, as seen in paper MPC(24)51.02a, are as follows:

Income – £157,673.52

Expenditure – £160,243.99

This gives an in-year predicted deficit of £2,570.47, a rise from £1,634.47.

Pip Alder

 Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

 April 2024