MPC(24)69.01 Finance Report Year Ending 31st March 2024

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Management Accounts – Financial Report for Year Ended 31st March 2024

At the Full Council meeting on 17th April 2024 it was agreed to move £10k from the General Reserve – £5k to the Budget Risk EMR and £5k to the Tree Works EMR. The 2022/23 year end adjustment of £16k for the road crossings was transferred from the General Reserve into the Melton Road Crossings EMR. The Balance Sheet as shown in Paper MPC(24)69.01a now shows the final year end figures with all these adjustments and Paper MPC(24)69.01b shows the final Reserves Balance as at 31st March 2024.

General Reserve

The General Reserve position as at 31 March 2024 was £ 60,206.08.


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Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council

May 2024